Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spa Week Fall 2010 Media Party

Spa Week is in full swing! The Spa Week Media party had kicked off on Thursday, October 7th, at Prince George Ballroom. It's always an event I look forward to - relax, unwind, and sample great spa treatments. Here are some of the highlights. Click here for highlights from the Spa Week Spring 2010 Media Party.

Always good to see Spa Chicks On-The-Go - they were introducing a new peel-and-stick nail designs by Nail Fraud. They were just applying it to one nail on each hand. You don't want to have these designs on all your nails - that would be nail design overload!

Always great to see the chocolate fountain - love dipping strawberries, pinapples and bananas in chocolate!

Alexandra did an amazing job on my Bare Escentuals makeover, especially the eye makeup! After my makeover I was given the bareMinerals Original SPF Foundation that was used on me - Golden Medium. I've been using it everyday and am surprised how well it blends in with my skin tone and how lightweight it is.

Then I got my eyebrows threaded by
Vada Spa and enjoyed a hand massage with a sweet-smelling vanilla almond lotion at Sothys.

It was then time to check in for my Dove piticure. For an at-home piticure, make sure you exfoliate with a gentle exfoliater or towelette to remove dead skin, shave toward the end of your shower to open up your pores, allowing a closer shave, and for the last step use moisturing Dove Deodorant.
Watch my interview with Dr. Debra Luftman during the Spa Week Spring 2010 Media Party as she talks through piticure steps and Dove Deodorant versus other deodorants on the market.

The foot massage/reflexology I experienced at
Sphatika was my favorite treatment of the night (Thank you Shirley!). I've actually never had a foot massage/reflexology treatment before, aside from a spa pedicure. I will have to try out a full hour version of this treatment. Defintiely needed after being on the go all the time!

My last stop was a much needed massage at
Deva Spa. Eric did an incredible job of knocking out the stress from my shoulders and back! I managed not to get racoon eyes. Even though I had already gotten my makeup done, I think keeping my eyes open during my massage really did the trick. No smudging!

Thank you
Spa Week for another successful Spa Week Media Party!

- Kim Weling

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