Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Mother's Day Accessory Gift Guide 2023

Whether you are shopping for your mom for Mother's Day or are a mom looking for a gift to treat yourself, here are my top accessory gift picks! Thank you to the Accessories Council for all the gifting ideas and introducing me to these amazing brands and products!

Dune Jewelry Wave Necklace - Turquoise Gradient
Dune Jewelry allows you to customize your sterling silver jewelry piece by taking sand you got from the beach or other earth elements you've found, layered to a gem-like finish. If you don't have an element to send, you can select Old Silver Beach and one of their sand artists can handcraft a Wave necklace for you. It's also something to think about for the future - you can collect sand from an upcoming beach or hiking  trip with your mom or you can gift this as a hint of a future trip! It's a conversation piece that your mom can always cherish!

Alzerina Jewelry Cabo Verde Ana Bracelet
Alzerina Jewelry has various collections including the Cabo Verde collection, inspired by the Conta di Ojo bead that originated in Cabo Verde, Africa. Each handcrafted piece is made with authentic Conta di Ojo beads, widely known as a symbol of protection from the evil eye to bring anyone wearing it good luck and energy! You can choose from colorful crystals and beads to black and gold.

Naomi Cuff - 14K Gold Plated
Sophie Blake NY is a women-owned jewelry brand that has modern, architectural and textural cuff designs that really caught my eye. I have always loved cuff bracelets since they can adjust to fit any wrist.

DKNY Sunglasses 116 S Matte Black
DKNY sunglasses are a useful gift that everyone can use daily, whether you are driving to work, walking to the store or going on vacation! This particular pair is perfect for everyday wear and is comfortable and lightweight.

POP BAG USA Pebbled Leather Mini Crossbody
Pop Bag is a unique gift, as you can customize your bag by snapping on a different color or patterned leather panel. You can also choose from a small, medium or large size tote and even get additional leather panels in case you decide to color block your bag later or add a pop of color. For the mini crossbody bags, you can choose from saffiano, pebbled or croc-embossed leather. For the larger tote size, there are additional options such as PVC, clear or even a Swarovski crystals tote. I have the pebbled mini in pink and I love it! It's the perfect size to fit my essentials, love the gold chain strap and the option to wear it as a crossbody or carry it as a tote.

Daniel Med Everyday Leather Satchel Bag
If you are looking for a fashion-forward soft leather bag with multiple pockets and functional details, then you'll want to check out Hammit LA. I also love the additional rivets and reinforced hardware on these bags. Hammit LA has several options including clutch, crossbody, shoulder, satchel, tote and backpack styles. There are. also bold colors such as a bright red or palm green.

Luna Selene Jackie O. Houndstooth Ankle Bootie 2.0
Luna Selene handcrafted footwear invokes elegance with timeless femininity, mixing the glamour of the 1950s-60s with today's modern edge. These shoes are made in Italy, and can be dressed up or down. The Jackie O. Houndstooth Ankle Bootie 2.0 is definitely my favorite, with a contrast red heel but I also love the Monroe Red Suede Pumps.

Cole Haan ØriginalGrand Platform Wingtip Oxford
These Cole Haan ØriginalGrand Platform Wingtip Oxfords are sustainable, super lightweight and comfortable with a Sitchlite™ knit upper in 100% recycled PET knit yarn and Patented Flowerfoam™ sole made from a minimum of of 25% dandelion rubber. These oxfords come in a variety of fashionable colors including optic white-metallic silver, rose smoke, gold-ivory and pecan-ivory.

- Kim Weling

Sunday, May 7, 2023

The Makeup Show NYC 2023

I had been anticipating the return of The Makeup Show NYC! This is one of my favorite shows to connect with brands and makeup artists and meet new people in the. beauty industry! It's also a great time to shop and stock up for your makeup kit or for yourself! I usually like to scope out what brands will be there ahead of time and also make a list what items I need, as you'll find product heavily discounted as much as 40-50% off. You can also learn so much about artistry from the educational sessions to speaking with makeup artists to learn some new tips and tricks. Here's are some highlights from walking the show floor at this year's show.

I love Danessa Myricks products and artistry! The shades, pigmentation and palettes are all amazing! Also, be sure to meet with Danessa herself! She is so inspirational and talented -  she is a huge part of The Makeup Show!

Francis Star Cosmetics

Neen Pretty Shady Pressed Pigment Eye Shadows

SeSpring vegan and cruelty-free Korean-inspired skincare

Katiely Beauty

1cm2 Art press-on nails - love the variety in designs and they also have options for shorter nails. They had 1 set for $15 or 2 for $20 at the show which was great discounted pricing!

Regen4D created through a patented process with 4D HA

Julie Mollo bags in fun and sparkly designs from clutches to cosmetic bags and totes

Lola's Lashes including magnetic lashes

Faace with skin solutions to help with stress, your period or tiredness

Minimalista featuring scrunchies infused with Hyaluronic Acid

Janet & Jo. nail lacquer in bold shades for summer including neons

Vike Beauty Makeup Melt makeup removal spray

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier

Around The World Beauty sharing culture through beauty & travel 

FACE Atelier

Mario Badescu is my go-to for facial sprays! Newest scents: Aloe, Adaptogens and Coconut Water and Aloe, Sage and Orance Blossom

Jones Road Beauty Lip Tints

Make Up For Ever products were all 50% off! Decided to try this lip color in Festive Fuchsia

MOB Beauty 

- Kim Weling

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

NAD IV Therapy at Fild Studio in NYC

Photo credit: Fild Studio

I recently received a NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV Therapy treatment at the newly opened Fild Studio in NYC. This treatment specializes in anti-aging and hydration and can stimulate cell regeneration in your body. Dr. Randa Jaffar effortlessly and painlessly inserted the IV and then sat down with me during my treatment to answer any questions I may have. My IV drip took approximately one hour and then I was on my way! I felt an immediate difference, feeling hydrated, refreshed and energized. I recommend using the bathroom before the treatment and anticipate running to the bathroom more frequently for the next 1-2 days due to the increase in fluids that the drip provides. If you are constantly dehydrated, it may be a good idea for you to regularly get a NAD IV Therapy treatment on a regular basis, as Fild Studio accepts HSA for NAD IV Therapy.

As for the space itself, Fild Studio, located at 457 Broome Street in SoHo is really inviting and makes me feel like I'm at a lounge. I love the modern decor, with a bar / sitting area as well as a sofa and table seating passed the treatment rooms. There was also a mirror in my treatment room and a larger mirror by the entrance so you can take selfies during your treatment and after! 

NAD IV Therapy is just one of the treatments Dr. Jaffar offers at Fild Studio. Other treatments include Botox for upper (11 lines, forehead and crow's feet) and lower (lip, chin, TMJ and bunny lines) face, Botox for the neck, underarm Botox (makes you stop sweating for about 3 months, very popular around summertime), fillers (frown lines, undereye, cheeks, chin), laser facials such as radio frequency miicroneedling for skin resurfacing, tightening and fine lines, C02 laser for the top layer of the skin and gives you a glow and PRP, platelet-rich plasma (draw your blood, take out the platelets and inject it into your skin or joints for repairing/healing).

If you are interested in checking out Fild Studio, list me as a referral and instantly get $50 off your treatment!

Thank you again to Dr. Jaffar and Fild Studio for my NAD IV Therapy!

Photo credit: Fild Studio

Photo credit: Fild Studio

Photo credit: Fild Studio

- Kim Weling

Thursday, March 16, 2023

IECSC New York 2023 Recap and Highlights

Celluma Light Therapy

I've been attending the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) in New York for the past few years, yet this is the first time I've been able to experience all three days instead of cramming all my time into the first day and it has made all the difference. This year, the show took place from March 5-7 at the Javits Convention Center in NYC. 

I noticed this year there was a lot more focus on demos on the show floor, and if you wanted to book a demo, it was easier to get an appointment, either by scheduling before the show, booking when you get there, or getting a walk-in appointment. I was able to book multiple demos per day, and really learn about the process and the products and devices used. 

Here's a look at all the demos I experienced at IECSC:

Celluma Light Therapy - I enjoyed a relaxing 20-25 minute LED red light treatment on my face for anti-aging, which boosts collagen and elastin, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin's firmness and resilience. Red light therapy is also great for bringing down redness and inflammation. Blue light therapy is great for diminishing bacteria causing acne, clearing existing breakouts, and restores skin's healthy appearance. Near-infrared is great for pain management: reducing inflammation and increases circulation, relieves arthritis and joint pain, and reduces stiffness and muscle spasms. LED light therapy is great as 60 minute stand-alone treatment or as an add-on for 30-45 minutes. 

Epistep Epifusion Facial - this non-invasive and pain-free treatment uses micro pins made of 3D-lized hyaluronic acid. After the first step of skin cleansing, Jennifer moved forward with the microchanneling needle-free needling process (the vibration was actually soothing and relaxing), and applying a peptide serum. The last step finished up with a moisturizer. I love this treatment because there is no down time and it only took 15-20 minutes. I didn't have to worry about and redness or irritation and could just go about my day with glowing skin! Thank you Jennifer for my epifusion facial!

BIBOTING Massager - I've had a cupping massage before, but the biboting machine was on another level and a lot more intense! The biboting massager not only massages but also firms skin, provides accupressure, healthy negative ions and vital energy and blood circulation. It also has a rhythmic suction and release, comfortable vibration and warm feeling. Different sized cups were used on my back. The strong pressure and suction may feel uncomfortable at first but I got used to it quickly and really felt the toxins leaving my body. Right after it looked like an octopus had suctioned onto my back (all the redness and cupping marks disappeared within a few days) and my back, neck and shoulders felt bruised to the touch immediately and for the next two days. I did feel really relaxed afterwards and was so ready for a nap! As the demo was done on me, the aesthetician can tell by the redness on my back that I frequently get headaches and even pinpointed the spot by my lower neck/upper back area that was causing my headaches. I actually had been experiencing a headache the day before (my headaches can last for days) and my headache did not come back after I got this massage! This massage was a temporary solution, but I do feel that if I continued this type of massage regularly it would really help with my headaches, maybe even stop them from happening all together. 

CryConcepts Esthetics CryoTouch Facial - This facial was quick and easy, with a focus on hydration and reducing fine lines. The entire treatment took only about 10 minutes - 5 minutes with the actual CryoTouch facial device and then 5 minutes of massaging in the serum with using the massage roller balls. The device was cold on my skin but not super cold as a I expected and there the device has a bit of a vibration. This kind of treatment takes advantage of carbon dioxide, helping to release oxygen at the surface of the skin, which boosts the effects of the cosmetic formulas used. The CryoTouch facial is recommended three times in the first month, and then monthly after that. I was glad this was the first demo I got during the show because I immediately felt energized and refreshed. It was a great way to start my day at IECSC! Thank you Sam for the demo!

Myolift Microcurrent - my treatment was targeted for the under-eye area with concerns to darkness, tired or puffy eyes. It's a great way to prevent the onset of aging and to treat any wrinkles or signs of aging that have already formed in the muscle. Microcurrent stimulates all the muscle around the eyes (plumping it up and bringing it back to life) and also stimulating circulation of blood, and helping to facilitate the movement of fluid. First we focused on relieving tension around the edge of the eye (treating crow's feet) and moved to the 11 lines (two vertical lines between your eyebrows) with the Erase wave form, and then using the Educate wave form for brightening up under the eye and picking up the eyebrow. The Myolift Mini Microcurrent which was used on me, retails for $329 and is available for both consumers and professionals. The only thing that is necessary to use the device is the ReStore Conductive Gel. This treatment is great to do in the morning, as often as every other day or at least once a week to help you feel refreshed and energized. This is a great alternative to Botox. Botox paralyzes the muscle, where this treatment just relaxes it and leaves the muscle stronger, whereas Botox leaves it frozen. Thank you Sam for this treatment! I really did see an immediate difference! 

Cryo-Lean 360 Fat Freezing - Thank you to Chris at 360 Aesthetic Devices for my 15-20 minute demo using the Cryo-Lean 360 device for fat freezing and body toning. First a glycerine sheet was applied on me before hooking the device up to my stomach, as you don't want direct contact with the device on your skin. It felt really cold at first (-4 degrees celsius/24 degrees farenheit) As the cold breaks down the fat cells and toxins come out, you'll want to flush it out of your system by drinking lots of water, sweating it out by working out or going in a sauna and avoiding alcohol. A full session is 35 minutes long, and 6 sessions (between $300-350 per session) is recommended to really see results. 

Prism Light Pod Whole-Body Red Light Therapy - This was the first time I've ever tried full body red light therapy thanks to the 10 minute demo I got to experience at the show. A session is normally 30 minutes, helping to rejuvenate the skin and body, relieve inflammation, stimulate collagen production, reduce sore muscles, aches and pains and enhance relaxation. Prism Light Pod uses non-invasive, non-fluorescent, non-UV rays, and non-infrared heat-based red LED technology. I was so relaxed in just 10 minutes. I was able to tune out all the noise around me!

Procell Therapies Microchanneling - This was my first demo with Procell and it did pinch a little bit but I got used to the feeling which was more like a sand buffer (I also did not have any numbing cream applied to my face). Microchanneling creates micro punctures to stimulate collagen synthesis. Microchanneling uses a stamping technique with a tip that has a fixed circumference, with less injury to the surface of the skin and shorter down time than microneedling. As Isabel does the microchanneling, she also applied the Procell serum on my face. The last step was a 15-20 minute hydration mask. Right after my treatment my face was a little red, and a few hours later my cheeks were a little pink and felt like mild sunburn. The redness was already toned down by the following morning. Results peak after 3 weeks so can't wait to see! For the next few days, I was instructed to avoid direct sunlight and make sure I have SPF on, and avoid using any retinols, glycolic acids and vitamin C serums and continue using the small sample of Procell serum I was given. The Procell serum enhances delivery and collagen growth. Thank you Isabel for the demo and Gillian for walking me through every step and answering all my questions!

Geneo Hand Treatment - Since I had just done a microchanneling treatment done the day before, my Geneo demo was done as a hand treatment with 3 steps: Oxfoliate (exfoliation + oxygenation) creating a bubbly CO2-rich environment on the skin's surface, Ultrasound (nourishment) creating micro-vibrations that instantly smooth the skin and increase permeability of the skin's protective layer, and Sculpting Massage (lymphatic drainage) a relaxing hands-free massage with an instant reduction of redness and puffiness. There are different types of Geneo treatments based on skin concerns: Balance, Detox, Glam, Hydrate, Illuminate and Revive (the one I went with). The Geneo oxypods react with the Geneo primer gel to create a gentle, non-invasive exfoliation, while triggering oxygenation within the skin. The oxypods contain ingredients in their dormant state, which are more powerful than in serum form. My hands never looked so good after this demo! Thank you Marci for my treatment!

Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Hydraluronic Facial - I was excited to end my last day of IECSC with a traditional (no device), luxurious facial including the Hydraluronic 3D Force Moisturising Fill-In Serum, Plumping Moisturising Cream. The new products are powered by a formula featuring Germaine de Capuccini's patented HLG nonopolymer to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dehydration, while restoring elasticity and skin's natural glow. First step was cleansing, then after toning applying the concentrate, followed by the soft scrub/exfoliate. Then the glass gua sha-inspired sculpting tool was so soothing and cooling when massaged on my face. The tool is prepped / immersed in cold water and chilled repeatedly as needed. The last step was a peel off gel mask that stayed on for about 15-20 minutes. Thank you to the whole entire Germaine de Capuccini team for all your hospitality! I was the last appointment and the show was breaking down and they took their time with me to make sure I got the full hour length of the facial, leaving my skin glowing and hydrated. It was a truly pampering experience, one I would indulge in at a spa or resort. 

I was very grateful to all the aestheticians that gave me demos at their booths. Everyone was so friendly,  informative, accommodating and took their time - I didn't feel rushed at all really got to take everything in. 

In between demos, I visited some favorites brands such as G.M. Collins, Tzol' Skin, PCA Skin, Voesh and Noshinku (their first IECSC NY booth - so glad to see them here)! I also got to know exhibitors that were new to me like Face Reality, Tizo, Nuebiome, Sugarbear. 


Nosinku Hand Sanitizer in two newest scents: Vetiver and Limon. Love their flat packaging to easily fit in your back pocket or clutch bag and they also have refills available.

New from G.M. Collin! 4D Visible Lifting Neck & Décolleté Serum (this was already sold out at the show when I got to their booth!)

Face Reality Skincare

Sugarbear Hair Vitamins! They also recently launched their Lashcare Vegan Vitamin Serum

The Lipgloss and Aftershave scavenger hunt was also a lot of fun and introduced me to exhibitors I wasn't familiar with. I can't wait to try all the product I collected!

Check out my IECSC show highlights here
and the Instagram reel of all the demos I received at the show.

- Kim Weling