Thursday, October 12, 2023

iPhone Accessories Holiday Gift Guide 2023

With every new iPhone launch also comes new accessories! I used to have dozens of cases that I used to switch to match my outfits or my mood, but these days I'd rather have fewer cases that I can call my favorites. Check out my round up of phone cases for this season!

I always seem to buy a new iPhone right before the new model comes out. Last time it was because my battery kept dying, this time it's because I lost my phone. While many people are looking for iPhone 15 cases, I have my eyes set on ones for the iPhone 14 Pro. This case is great for anyone that loves earth tones and neutrals. This one comes in Saffiano leather, with a back case that opens up to reveal two card slots. 

If you happen to have an iPhone 14 Plus, then you are in luck! Instead of $40 you can find this for $14.99 at Target. The 14 Pro can be found on Amazon for $34.49. This case has a gold glitz and glamour feel with an art deco vibe, inspired by a sparkling chandelier.

These Burga cases are definitely on my gifting list (for myself lol). I love the designs, especially this marble one, and they look sturdy too. They also come in all different sized cases. 

I'm still shocked I don't own AirPods yet, but this would be my case of choice! I love the Moschino bear! I wish there was a phone case in the shape of the bear. 

- Kim Weling


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