Thursday, December 23, 2021

iPhone Case Holiday Gift Guide 2021

With the recent launch of the iPhone 13 series and many people upgrading their phones, now is the perfect time to gift a new iPhone case, or start the new year off with a new case for yourself. Here are a few of my favorite fashionable and functional cases. 

The Pretty Connected Belle Pearl Chain + iPhone Case is the perfect gift for the fashionista. This clear case is paired with a pearl chain (the pearl chain can also be purchased on its own), and can also be swapped out worn with other Pretty Connected silver, mermaid or gold chain straps, including the KESHA x PC Yin Yang Braided Multi-Use Necklace to Mask Chain. This case is perfect to carry or wear on your wrist when you don't have a purse or pockets to store your phone. It's not only an accessory for your phone, but for your entire outfit!

Who needs a wallet when you have the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case! This phone case and wallet in one is made with high-quality full-grain vegetable tanned leather and a luxurious Japanese microfiber lining. The leather pocket on the back is designed to hold 2-3 cards, just enough for everything you need on the go:  license, bank or credit card and a metro card. The back pocket is beautifully stitched, and the buttons are full covered in leather. I can't wait to see how this cases ages, as the leather will develop a unique patina and transition from tan to a deep, dark amber. Since I have the iPhone 12 Pro, this case is also available in Black, Slate Green and Monaco blue. For the iPhone 13 series, it is available in Black and Monaco Blue. 

The Purity "Chlorite Ring" iPhone Case, named after the mineral, is a for the fashionista that loves both color and marble for this unique design, with the ring attached. They make a variety of stylish cases that caught my eye but this one is my favorite.

- Kim Weling

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Accessories Council Holiday Gift Picks 2021

With the holidays in full swing, these are my top Accessories Council gift picks this season, for you or your loved ones, with jewelry picks under $100. All these gifts are available online to help you avoid the crowds and save time having to shop in-store.

The Gold Collection by Ashley Wahler has all the right accessories to get you glam this holiday season, including the Golden Girls accessory, which is perfect for dressing up your ponytail.

Akola jewelry is handcrafted in Uganda, creating jobs and transforming the lives of families and communities. Their jewelry ranges from stretch, unlock-it, cuff and bangle bracelets to earrings and necklaces. One of my favorite pieces is the Jasmine Heart Charm Bracelet, made with a hand-carved, heart-shaped horn charm and recycled glass beads from Ghana.

Pura Vida, founded in Costa Rica, makes handmade accessories and helps provide full-time jobs for artisans worldwide. One of my favorites from Pure Vida is "The Jetsetter Pack" designed exclusively by travel blogger @theblondeabroad. The pack features a stack of five bracelets in grey, blush and rose gold, including travel-inspired charms. 

Adina's Jewels include trendy pieces such as charm and chain necklaces, pendants, chokers and more, all great for layering together. Two of my top picks for layering is the Baby Figaro Necklace, in gold plated sterling silver, and the Double Sided Herringbone Necklace.

Big Lovie's products are created with inspiring messages that encourage, appreciate and celebrate. The Dream collection blanket is soft and cozy in charcoal gray and black, with the name BIG LOViE on the edge of the blanket, with an imprinted label that says "big HEARTED, FUN LOVING, SOULFUL & KIND."

- Kim Weling

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Celebrating our Anniversary at The Beer Spa

For our second anniversary, Dan and I celebrated at The Beer Spa in Denver, and I couldn't think of a more relaxing and unique experience. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we went with the Date Night Package ($219), which included 90-minute access to our Beer Therapy Room, complete with a beer bath, infrared sauna and rain shower. I purposely didn't look at the setup of the room on social media as I really wanted to be surprised and absolutely loved how they decorated the room. It was such a romantic setup with the "Happy Anniversary" banner, candles, rose petals, gourmet chocolates from Temper Denver and a charcuterie box. Also included was a $30 shared beverage credit for the both of us. 

When we checked in for our appt, we actually started with a craft beer tasting in the taproom. There were some interesting, locally brewed beers, with my favorites being Cucumber Lemon for a spa vibe and Gingerbread Dunkle, but ultimately we were hooked on the Stem Cider Off-Dry Apple Cider. After we poured the cider into our tumblers, we were ready for a tour of our Beer Therapy Room. 

We spent 20 minutes in the infrared sauna, and to my amazement, our ciders stayed cold in our tumblers. I was also surprised to learn that just one 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories, which is equivalent to running 2-3 miles! After our sauna session we each had a quick cold shower, and then enjoyed our therapeutic herbal bath, packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. There were even designated cubes on the wall to keep our tumblers safe and reachable. 

Our beer bath blend included Cascade Hops and Two Row Malt from Great Divide's American Lager plus aromatic allspice, which soothes sore muscles and increases blood circulation. We also threw in the CBD bath bomb by Color Up, for an extra relaxing experience. The mini beauty bar was a nice touch! Similar to a hotel mini bar, there are beauty items that are for purchase once opened. The other beauty bar items included a beer hair mask, hop beard oil and beer body lotion by The Beer Spa, and a CBD Face Mask by Color Up. 

Our beer bath started to automatically drain after 70 minutes, which left us with 20 minutes left to quickly shower and leave the room with all our stuff. You will absolutely love The Beer Spa's beer shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. They are all amazing products with unique scents, which they just changed up for the fall/winter season.

We lounged for a few minutes in our robes with our tumblers in a quiet spot, and then we got dressed and headed into the space-themed Relaxation Lounge for our zero gravity massages. Out of all the massage chairs I have ever tried out, these are by far the best ones! It really made me wish I had one of these at home. The chair customizes your massage by scanning your shape, size and acupressure points, and then tilts you back into a zero gravity position. This chair applies just the right pressure for a full-body deep tissue massage. It was so easy to relax, I couldn't believe how quickly 30 minutes went by! 

After our massages, we went back to the taproom to lounge for a bit and finish our cider. Before leaving, I also checked additional products from The Beer Spa including their signature candle infused with cedarwood, chestnut and vanilla notes and their bourbon barrel-Aged Stout body soap, with a blend of dark stout, bourbon, cocoa, and oak (smells amazing!).  

The Beer Spa just opened in February of this year, so it is less than a year old. We definitely can't wait to come back for a date night in the taproom followed by massages. Thank you to Jessica and Damien for having us, and thank you Rhiannon walking us through everything! You can learn all about The Beer Spa at Along with images from The Beer Spa, I included an Instagram reel of my experience.

- Kim Weling

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Meow Wolf Denver's Convergence Station

If you are in the Denver area, definitely put Meow Wolf on your list of places to visit. Meow Wolf is a fun, immersive, interactive and unique art experience! Upon entering, you make your way from Convergence Station and journey to four alien worlds: the neon metropolis of C Street, the frozen civilization of Eemia, the labyrinths of Ossuary and space-time in Numina. 

Meow Wolf is great to explore as a date night, with a group of friends or as a family. It does take quite a bit of time to explore the rooms in each alien world, which may take you between 2-3 hours. As I continued to walk around, I was in such awe of all the extraordinary art, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Meow Wolf has worked with 300 creatives, including 110+ Colorado-based artists, across 4 floors of the interactive space. Muralists, sculptors, fiber artists and technologists all came together to produce this quantum travel narrative. This science-fiction journey delivers psychedelic, mind-bending art, as you take in all the color, lighting and creativity.

There are also different Meow Wolf immersive experiences in Santa Fe and Las Vegas. I hope to make it to the Vegas one next year! 

I've included some pics as well as an Instagram reel of my favorite parts of Meow Wolf. There are a lot of great photo op moments, so make sure your phone is charged and ready to go! 

- Kim Weling

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Society Fashion Week x House of Barretti Gifting Suite at New York Fashion Week 2021

It's always exciting to see the latest trends and exciting new collections on the runway, but I also love showcasing sponsored brands that help support these shows. 

On September 11, 2021, I attended The Society Fashion Week x House of Barretti gifting suite / after party in Manhattan, hosted by designer and teen millionaire Isabella Barrett, who was so inspiring and energetic as she took me through the suite to meet with the brands. Check out some of my favorite brands that I met with - L. Styles, LLC, Kocostar, Patchology and Candies.

TeLeigha Peavy is the designer of L. Styles, LLC, showcasing her handcrafted jewelry with styles ranging from chunky, tribal, artsy and bold using grade AAA semi-precious gemstones, certified precious stones, GIA certified natural untreated diamonds, swarovski crystals, genuine leather, stainless steel chain links and beads. The jewelry on display included necklaces and bracelets that are both unique and luxurious looking statement pieces. 

Kocostar is a brand I am familiar with, notably for their sheet masks. I was excited to see a mask I haven't tried yet, their Rose Flower Mask Sheet as well as the Mask Zone Cream. 

The Rose Flower Mask Sheet has a unique design in that it looks like real rose petals, in which you can remove each petal one by one and stick it onto any part of your face or neck.

With all the mask-wearing going on, the Mask Zone Cream helps to maintain the skin balance and protect skin against constant mask use. This cream helps to condition your lips, cheeks and chin area. 

Patchology is another brand that is known for their eye gels and facial sheet masks. I've used both their eye gels and sheet masks at home or when I'm traveling, even on the plane. Here they were introducing the Breakout Box, a 3-in-1 acne kit including blackhead-eliminating charcoal nose strips, pimple-shrinking salicylic acid dots, and whitehead-absorbing hydrocolloid dots. 

Also great to see in the gifting suite is Candie's Beauty! You may know Candie's for it's clothing or shoes, but I always think of iconic fragrance first, Candie's Legacy Her which unexpected layers of vibrant with Pink Currant, Tart Kiwi, Lemon and Pineapple Pulp, with a veil of Jasmine and Pear Blossom.

- Kim Weling

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Favorite Places to Eat in Denver

So far I've only explored Denver a few times, but I've already got some favorite hotspots for eating and going out. Can't wait to add more to my list!

Tupelo Honey Cafe

1650 Wewatta St, Denver, Colorado

This is the first brunch spot in Denver Dan and I stumbled upon, right when we got to Union Station and it immediately became one of our favorites. Coming from NJ, I rarely get to enjoy hearty, southern meals. I went for the Famous Fried Green Tomatoes, which I had eaten for the first time ever and I was blown away. They were made with panko-crusted fried green tomatoes, basil, roasted red pepper sauce, over heirloom grits and goat cheese. There are so many other dishes I am tempted to try on my next visit such as their fried chicken, greens and bowls, or shrimp & grits.

Denver Milk Market

1800 Wazee St, Suite 100, Denver Colorado

Now if you are undecided on where you want to eat, you are bound to find something you like at Denver Milk Market, from ice cream and cupcakes to tacos and burgers. The alley is a great spot for cocktails and food outdoors. Since there are so many options, I recommend you show up hungry and eat your way through here!

Corridor 44

1433 Larimer St, Denver, Colorado

I love bubbly so I was ecstatic to find a champagne bar right in Larimer Square. We didn't have a reservation, but my boyfriend Dan and I were lucky enough to walk in, and have a table within the next hour. I expected the champagne cocktails to be NYC pricing, at least at $20-$25 and was shocked when I found out drinks were $10 each! Some of the drinks include a Strawberry Sunrise (strawberry purée, sugar, orange juice and champagne, and the Kir Royale (Crème de cassis, lemon twist, and currants). They also have amazing desserts such as the espresso crème brûlée. Next time I'm there I definitely need to make it for happy hour, when drinks are only $6 each from 3-6pm Monday - Friday. The atmosphere is dim and romantic, making it the perfect date night spot. 

- Kim Weling

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Immersive Van Gogh New York Experience

Since I have been a Vincent van Gogh fan for as long as I can remember,  I was so excited to experience the Immersive Van Gogh at Pier 36 in New York. Van Gogh's works in the form of digital art and animation created by Massimiliano Siccardi is like nothing I've ever seen. The exhibit itself is made up of 60,600 frames of video, 90,000,000 pixels and 500,000+ cubic feet of projections. 

When you first walk in,  you'll learn a few tidbits of van Gogh, that he was born in 1853 and died at the age of 37 in 1890. He also painted almost 900 works in his lifetime. As you walk through the different rooms, there was plenty of room to sit and distance yourself from other attendees, and there's no worry about not being able to see the art - you are able to view it from wherever you choose to sit. Be sure to bring a face mask to wear, as they are required in the exhibit.

It's easy to fully immerse yourself with the digital art and music including Luca Longobardi and Edith Piaf, with masterfully smooth transitions. My favorite van Gogh pieces are The Starry Night and Sunflowers, which were a joy to see. The show seems to run for about a half hour, but if you are a few minutes late, don't worry, it runs on a continuous loop, so even after you watch it once, you can continue to watch it a second and third time to take in the entire experience. I myself watched it three times, and instead of just moving to another room the second time, I decided to watch it from the upper level. The third time I watched it I wanted to be a part of the art, as you can stand close to the wall and have the art projected on you. 

I found the whole experience to be unique, relaxing and visually stunning. As you watch the art move you can't help but feel emotionally moved by all the color and storytelling. Including the show and walking around after, I stayed for about an hour and a half. It was the perfect date night! 

After the exhibit, there are fun interactive activities once you download the Lighthouse Immersive app. The augmented reality activations include Letters from Vincent: asking Vincent a few questions and getting a crafted letter back (using artificial intelligence and machine learning), and Pocket Gallery, in which you see framed art in the form of a brushstroke, but once you hold the app up to the art you'll see the art come to life. You'll also find some areas of course to take some selfies and photos. Don't forget to check out the van Gogh-inspired fashion exhibit and explore the gift shop, which has the biggest selection of van Gogh merchandise I've ever seen. My favorites were the tea cups, statement necklaces and scarves. If you are still in the market of adding to your face mask collection, they have that too! 

Thank you Immersive Van Gogh New York for having me! If you would like to learn more about the exhibit and purchase tickets go to Click here to check out my Instagram Reel of my experience.

- Kim Weling