Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Society Fashion Week x House of Barretti Gifting Suite at New York Fashion Week 2021

It's always exciting to see the latest trends and exciting new collections on the runway, but I also love showcasing sponsored brands that help support these shows. 

On September 11, 2021, I attended The Society Fashion Week x House of Barretti gifting suite / after party in Manhattan, hosted by designer and teen millionaire Isabella Barrett, who was so inspiring and energetic as she took me through the suite to meet with the brands. Check out some of my favorite brands that I met with - L. Styles, LLC, Kocostar, Patchology and Candies.

TeLeigha Peavy is the designer of L. Styles, LLC, showcasing her handcrafted jewelry with styles ranging from chunky, tribal, artsy and bold using grade AAA semi-precious gemstones, certified precious stones, GIA certified natural untreated diamonds, swarovski crystals, genuine leather, stainless steel chain links and beads. The jewelry on display included necklaces and bracelets that are both unique and luxurious looking statement pieces. 

Kocostar is a brand I am familiar with, notably for their sheet masks. I was excited to see a mask I haven't tried yet, their Rose Flower Mask Sheet as well as the Mask Zone Cream. 

The Rose Flower Mask Sheet has a unique design in that it looks like real rose petals, in which you can remove each petal one by one and stick it onto any part of your face or neck.

With all the mask-wearing going on, the Mask Zone Cream helps to maintain the skin balance and protect skin against constant mask use. This cream helps to condition your lips, cheeks and chin area. 

Patchology is another brand that is known for their eye gels and facial sheet masks. I've used both their eye gels and sheet masks at home or when I'm traveling, even on the plane. Here they were introducing the Breakout Box, a 3-in-1 acne kit including blackhead-eliminating charcoal nose strips, pimple-shrinking salicylic acid dots, and whitehead-absorbing hydrocolloid dots. 

Also great to see in the gifting suite is Candie's Beauty! You may know Candie's for it's clothing or shoes, but I always think of iconic fragrance first, Candie's Legacy Her which unexpected layers of vibrant with Pink Currant, Tart Kiwi, Lemon and Pineapple Pulp, with a veil of Jasmine and Pear Blossom.

- Kim Weling

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