Thursday, September 22, 2022

Simple Things To Do To Increase Your Happiness

In life, we are given two choices each day: make the most out of every situation that is thrown your way, or decide to be overwhelmed with each situation & focus on the negatives. Now, life does not come with a manual and every emotion is valid. However, even when you have a bad moment or day, you can start fresh again, to make the next moments much better! How do you do that? The best and easiest way to start is by focusing on simple things to do to increase your happiness. Life is short and I believe that we need to make every minute of it count. What can you do today to improve your overall happiness? Here are some simple things that you could incorporate: 

Make sure you are taking care of yourself

Before anything else, you absolutely need to prioritize your health and wellness: both your physical health and your mental health. It can feel necessary to keep up with the fast-paced nature of how the world operates now, but doing so will cause you to get burnt out very quickly. Instead, approaching each day with a slower mindset that allows you to put your needs first, will benefit you and your happiness greatly. Wake up each morning and focus on what your body and mind need, to take on the day with ease. Sunshine? Coffee? A nutritious breakfast? 30 minutes of exercise? A shower? Figure out how to fit it into your daily schedule! I understand that life gets busy and that it can be challenging to fit everything into each day, but prioritizing what your body wants and needs will help you get everything else done throughout the day, instead of feeling majorly sluggish and burnt out once that first cup of coffee wears off.

Get sunshine

How many of you sit in front of a computer all day long? Getting outside to soak up the sun and fresh air is very, very important. The sun especially has a huge impact on your happiness and health, too. Think about it: do you feel happier sitting inside, or when the sun brings warmth to your body and when you can feel the crisp wind on your face? Personally, I feel so much better when I am outside regularly. Even if this means just taking a break from work to stretch my legs and get some sun. Huge bonus if you can take your work outside! 


Do you ever feel like you have too much and it is weighing you down? This looks different for each person, but maybe it is too many things, too large of a home, or too many things on your schedule. If this sounds familiar, consider downsizing. Get rid of things that you don’t need, in order to make more room in your life for fun and growth. Buy a smaller home that is not taking all of your money and that you do not need. Figure out what it is that you need, and only keep that - the things that bring you joy and happiness. If you do decide to downsize, it will be an undertaking, but it will also be so worth it. Get help along the way and use services to help make the process easier. Consider it Moving can help if you do not want to tackle a move on your own. They help with residential moving and Commercial Office Moving Long Island, too.

Photo by Krystal Pratt


Moving your body is a sure way to improve your mood and overall happiness. Need a simple thing to do to increase your happiness? Here you go! Find time to exercise. This can mean a one-hour weight lifting session, or it can mean taking a walk, jogging in the park, jumping on a trampoline, or taking a 30-minute yoga and stretching class. As long as you are moving your body in a way that makes you feel good, that is all that matters!

Make sure you have a job that you like

Doing something that you love (work-wise) makes such a huge difference when it comes to your overall happiness levels. Most people spend so much of their time at work and around co-workers, and it truly does affect how you are as a person. If you do not have a job that you like right now, find a way to improve your work situation, no matter if it is finding a new job, or addressing whatever is holding you back at your current position (if possible). Life is too short to spend 8+ hours each day at a job that you dread.

Consider therapy

Therapy is a pretty taboo topic with a lot of people, but having someone to talk to who isn’t connected to a situation can help you see your situation(s) from an outside point of view. It allows you to really dive deep and work on improving yourself and your happiness, which is a great thing. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, your relationship, or anything in between, you might want to at least consider going to therapy! You never know - it might just make a huge, great difference in your life.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Son Jung Wan Spring 2023 at New York Fashion Week

Son Jung Wan Spring 2023 at New York Fashion Week is inspired by the "Swinging '60s", reinterpreting the unconventional and free spirit of that era, featuring bright colors and graphic patterns in a collection that is both modern and classic with fun, playful vibes. 

The collection features natural draping, voluminous pleating and dramatic collar detailing with sophisticated yet rhythmical colors and textures. 

- Kim Weling