Thursday, December 2, 2021

Celebrating our Anniversary at The Beer Spa

For our second anniversary, Dan and I celebrated at The Beer Spa in Denver, and I couldn't think of a more relaxing and unique experience. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we went with the Date Night Package ($219), which included 90-minute access to our Beer Therapy Room, complete with a beer bath, infrared sauna and rain shower. I purposely didn't look at the setup of the room on social media as I really wanted to be surprised and absolutely loved how they decorated the room. It was such a romantic setup with the "Happy Anniversary" banner, candles, rose petals, gourmet chocolates from Temper Denver and a charcuterie box. Also included was a $30 shared beverage credit for the both of us. 

When we checked in for our appt, we actually started with a craft beer tasting in the taproom. There were some interesting, locally brewed beers, with my favorites being Cucumber Lemon for a spa vibe and Gingerbread Dunkle, but ultimately we were hooked on the Stem Cider Off-Dry Apple Cider. After we poured the cider into our tumblers, we were ready for a tour of our Beer Therapy Room. 

We spent 20 minutes in the infrared sauna, and to my amazement, our ciders stayed cold in our tumblers. I was also surprised to learn that just one 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories, which is equivalent to running 2-3 miles! After our sauna session we each had a quick cold shower, and then enjoyed our therapeutic herbal bath, packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. There were even designated cubes on the wall to keep our tumblers safe and reachable. 

Our beer bath blend included Cascade Hops and Two Row Malt from Great Divide's American Lager plus aromatic allspice, which soothes sore muscles and increases blood circulation. We also threw in the CBD bath bomb by Color Up, for an extra relaxing experience. The mini beauty bar was a nice touch! Similar to a hotel mini bar, there are beauty items that are for purchase once opened. The other beauty bar items included a beer hair mask, hop beard oil and beer body lotion by The Beer Spa, and a CBD Face Mask by Color Up. 

Our beer bath started to automatically drain after 70 minutes, which left us with 20 minutes left to quickly shower and leave the room with all our stuff. You will absolutely love The Beer Spa's beer shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. They are all amazing products with unique scents, which they just changed up for the fall/winter season.

We lounged for a few minutes in our robes with our tumblers in a quiet spot, and then we got dressed and headed into the space-themed Relaxation Lounge for our zero gravity massages. Out of all the massage chairs I have ever tried out, these are by far the best ones! It really made me wish I had one of these at home. The chair customizes your massage by scanning your shape, size and acupressure points, and then tilts you back into a zero gravity position. This chair applies just the right pressure for a full-body deep tissue massage. It was so easy to relax, I couldn't believe how quickly 30 minutes went by! 

After our massages, we went back to the taproom to lounge for a bit and finish our cider. Before leaving, I also checked additional products from The Beer Spa including their signature candle infused with cedarwood, chestnut and vanilla notes and their bourbon barrel-Aged Stout body soap, with a blend of dark stout, bourbon, cocoa, and oak (smells amazing!).  

The Beer Spa just opened in February of this year, so it is less than a year old. We definitely can't wait to come back for a date night in the taproom followed by massages. Thank you to Jessica and Damien for having us, and thank you Rhiannon walking us through everything! You can learn all about The Beer Spa at Along with images from The Beer Spa, I included an Instagram reel of my experience.

- Kim Weling

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