Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eric Daman Holiday Dress Collection for Charlotte Russe Preview

This is my favorite dress - One Shoulder Mini Dress, $39.50

Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman has launched an exclusive collection of holiday party dresses for Charlotte Russe. I attended the holiday preview on October 19th at RdV, which included asymmetrical, one shoulder, strapless dresses, all under $50!

Kim Weling and Eric Daman

Asymmetrical Dress, $49.50

Embellished Neck Dress, $34.50

If you are wondering why some of the mannequins have no jewelry, it's because attendees were welcome to help themselves to any accessories on display! That included earrings, necklaces, bracelets, clutches and the shoes! I got there later in the evening so all the jewelry was wiped clean off the mannequins!
Left: Embellished Shoulder Dress, $39.50
Right: Fitted Black Dress, $39.50

Dot Print Dress, $39.50

Rhinestone stretch bracelets that look flashy and fabulous when layered together

So many fun, trendy Charlotte Russe shoes in different colors and styles - peeptoe, pumps, flats, and booties. Unfortunately all that was left was size 9! Whoever was a size 9 was extremely happy to score some shoes! My friends did find me a pair of peeptoe platform slingbacks in a size 6, so thank you to them! I'm normally a size 5, but sometimes I can make a size 6 work with some tights or socks!

The Eric Daman holiday dress collection is now available at these
Charlotte Russe stores and at You can shop the collection here, starting at $34.50.

- Kim Weling


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I am heading over to the website now...that second dress is calling out to me!

  2. I must have been too late...I couldn't find the strapless dress in nude. sigh.

  3. It's possible that all the looks aren't available yet since it just launched! I'm sure they'll let you know how you can get it!