Monday, March 31, 2014

Updated: Rent the Runway Sample Sale

So I checked out the Rent the Runway Sample Sale today around 1pm, and it was a zoo! The craziest I've ever seen it. Shoppers were polite but it was way to crowded not to get poked by passing hangers or elbows. The dressing room line even extended from the back all the way to the front of the store. Definitely not a good idea to come to this sale during your lunch break. I've been going to this sample sale since Rent the Runway starting holding it seasons ago. This was the worst assortment I've seen, unless what I usually get was all long gone. No Helmut Lang or Yumi Kim dresses for me to snatch up, and instead of seeing most dresses under $100 last season, most seemed to be over $100. 

There was only one dress I really liked, the Parker Blanche Sheath ($425), which was on the sale for $108. It wasn't worth it to me considering the zipper was broken. I wasn't going to stand in the dressing room line to just try on one dress, so a few of us started a little 'changing nook' over by the XS racks racks. One shopper helped me get out of the Parker dress when the zipper got stuck. 

Maybe it will calm down later in the week but by then all the dresses will be picked over. I usually end up finding different dresses when I come back multiple days during the sale, but with the craziness I experienced today, I may opt to not come back and give my wallet a rest from sample sales this week. 

I think it's time for Rent the Runway to create a Friends & Family sale day. This was one of my favorite sales but now that everyone knows about it, be prepared for long lines, pushing your way through, and a disappointing selection as dresses quickly move off the racks and out the door.

- Kim Weling

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