Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ardency Inn Spring 2014 Americana Collection

Beauty newcomer Ardency Inn, inspired by the downtown NYC music scene, creates high performance makeup for women who rock on and off stage. Ardency Inn encourages makeup artistry in every woman, not just recording artists, with quick and easy to use innovative color cosmetics. The Ardency Inn Spring 2014 "AMERICANA" campaign features indie-pop singer Seasick Mama, involving a road trip to Woodstock, with pit stops at a 70's motel and local gas station, an impromptu performance inside a mythic recording studio and some relaxing time close to nature. 

The Americana collection is composed of natural-finish neutrals, featuring the must-have Custom Coverage Concentrate ($38), a revolutionary pigment concentrate that when mixed with a moisturizer, transforms it into a tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation or concealer. There's also an Ultra Lightweight Skin Perfecting Primer ($34) and Natural Lip Color Pencil ($23). The Natural Lip Color Pencils are actually named after streets on the Lower East Side - Delancey, Bowery, Houston, Essex and Kenmare. 

Americana as well as two other Ardency Inn collections - Modster and Punker, are available at select Sephora stores, and

- Kim Weling

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