Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lars Andersson Fall/Winter 2014 at New York Fashion Week

The Lars Andersson runway show was held at the High Line Hotel in NYC. Upon entering, the room was glowing with a warm light from the chandeliers above. The atmosphere set the mood for the show.

As the music began, the models took the runway. The overall appearance of the collection was dark and mysterious, with an element of goth. The colors in the collection were deep, saturated hues of navy, eggplant, maroon, black, and charcoal grey. The pieces in the collection were created with heavy textiles, and many layers.

Minimal accessories were used, with the exception of leather stranded belts with fringe. The shoes were open toed, black stilettos. The simplicity of the shoes and accessories, kept the focus on the pieces of the collection.

The makeup looks were dark, and gothic as well. Deep shades of burgundy and eggplant were used on the model's lips. The eye makeup and foundation were applied in neutral, lighter tones. The lip color stood out, and coordinated with the colors of the designer's collection.

Photos by Grant Friedman

- Hallie Friedman of Sleepless in Sequins

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