Monday, September 30, 2013

Style Post: Fashion Week Accessories Featuring mark and Brahmin

During New York Fashion Week, I accessorized my Yumi Kim dress with some of mark's fashion and beauty products. The September collection which launched mid-August celebrates mark's 10th birthday, with Lucy Hale as mark's brand ambassador. My favorites from this limited-edition collection include the Snake Charmer Necklace-Belt ($26), Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers ($7) and On the Dot Smokey Eye Compact ($16). I love the versatility of the Snake Charmer Necklace-Belt, wearing it as a belt during the day and as a necklace for an evening look, which matched perfectly with my Brahmin Atelier Brookline Clutch ($495). The necklace with mixed metals and rhinestone accents and clutch with gold foiled embossed python glams up any outfit.

Bracelet: Electric Picks 'Two Heads-Stars'
Dress: Yumi Kim
Shoes: Nina Shoes Celeyna

- Kim Weling


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