Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get Toned Abs with BMR Tummy Lift

No matter how much you exercise, it seems like the tummy area is always the hardest to tone up. With just 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week, the Bio-Medical Research (BMR) Tummy Lift can help you get those fabulous toned abs. The BMR Lift uses FDA-cleared Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS technology) to gently contract and relax your abdominal muscles, causing them to firm and lift. 

A gentle signal is sent through the GelPads to your muscles, and as the signal strength increases, the muscle contracts, just as in normal exercise. The signal then stops, allowing your muscles to relax before the next stimulation begins. 

BMR Tummy Lift features 10 toning programs from beginner to advanced and 150 treatment levels. You can sculpt your own 30-day plan, while pushing yourself to increase your intensity levels from week to week. BMR Tummy Lift firms and lifts the entire tummy area, including the top middle, lower and sides. 

BMR Tummy Lift ($200) comes with a belt that fits waist sizes 24" to 47", a pack of three adhesive GelPads and a carrying pouch. The Activator for Lift ($80) which connects to the belt is sold separately. Replacement GelPads ($20) are also available. 

Now I'm the type of person that likes to figure things out on my own instead of reading through directions, but it is important to read through everything carefully, especially to make sure you are placing the adhesive GelPads onto the belt properly. The GelPads must be in contact with your skin so that signals can be sent to your muscles. Since the GelPads are water-based, they feel cool when they are placed on your skin. 

BMR Tummy Lift was becoming part of my weekly daily routine, at least up until the craze of fashion week. So I have started my BMR Tummy Lift program over and this time I hope to get through a whole month straight. Just don't expect a flat stomach from BMR Tummy Lift alone. It should be used in conjunction with a normal, healthy diet and exercise. The best thing I love about BMR Tummy Lift is that you can use it anytime and anywhere. I usually use it while I am blogging, writing emails and watching TV. It doesn't make any noise so it's not distracting at all. You could even use it while you are sitting at your desk at the office. Each toning program is timed, but since I'm usually multi-tasking while using the BMR Tummy Lift, a 20-30 minute session goes by quickly.

I really think it is a useful device, but you really have to be committed to using it regularly and properly. Has BMR Tummy Lift worked for me so far? I think so. I believe it does help with toning so I will continue to use it. BMR Tummy Lift is available at and Learn more about BMR Tummy Lift and other BMR products at

- Kim Weling

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