Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2013

Fashion never sleeps, nor does fashion take a backseat to one of the biggest blizzards New York has seen in at least 3 years! Set in the heart of the Meatpacking District, Rebecca Taylor debuted her downtown styled Fall 2013 collection at Milk Studios! The bare cement floor and brick lined walls couldn't have been more appropriate to house the burgundy, midnight blue, peach and gray garments that adorned the faux-hawk chic models.

Rebecca Taylor's collection, inspired by David Bowie, really took precedent with conveying the British punk edge look, with sprinkling in a bit femininity ever so often. Biker jackets, deconstructed silk cargo pants, boxy cut sweatshirts, leather gloves and fur clad military coats held true to the recurring theme of british grunge chic, but when paired with ruffled skirts, floral prints, and lilac and peach pants the original theme morphed into something even more amazing; an edgy rocker chic woman who could effortlessly pair her light pieces to create an effortless look.

Although many of the colors and soft materials used throughout her Fall collection may have not been ideal, Rebecca Taylor completely hit the nail on the head of the woman who desires to soften her hard look ever so often. 

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- Article by Toyin Graham of Vamped Vogue

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