Sunday, February 17, 2013

Son Jung Wan Fall/Winter 2013

Son Jung Wan's Fall 2013 collection, "DYNAMIC ROMANCE", is inspired by two Russian greats - abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky's and Catherine Palace. This is by far my favorite of Son Jung Wan's collections, and one of my favorite's this season. 

This season Son Jung Wan presents jewel tone gowns, multi color tweed blazers and coats, neutral jackets and caramel pleated wool dresses. The color palette is based on beige, gray and metallic neutrals with ox blood red, sapphire blue and violet accents. 

Son Jung Wan's detailing centers on mink lining, fur sleeves and collars, lamb trimmings and sleeves. My favorite piece this season and the most stunning in the collection is the fox fur coat with sequins.


Here's a look at the shoes on the runway, including fur trimmings, straps and buckles, color blocking and gold trim and detailing.

- Kim Weling

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