Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monika Chiang Fall 2013

For fall 2013, Monika Chiang drew inspiration from her reoccurring dreams of flying. With all things flight in mind, she encapsulated the beauty and sophistication of birds, wings, and everything aviation. The color scheme followed suit with neutral tones and a touch of the primary colors. The collection was mostly dominated with touches of khaki and olive, resembling aviation uniforms. Silk and chiffon were also used for their appeal of graceful movement.

In this presentation, the details were not to be missed. The jewelry was phenomenal in its own right, leaning toward a more graphic, bold approach. The hair was styled in a bouffant futuristic style, giving it an aerodynamic feel. And then there was the makeup. Each of the models was decorated with their own set of lace wings near their eyes. It was done so delicately that it actually seemed that their eyelashes were fluttering. With everything put together, it was a beautiful and touching presentation. As always, Chiang presented a cohesive collection, one bound with raw inspiration, sex appeal, and pure luxury.

Images and article by Guest Blogger Lindsay Lee of blackandblondeone.com. Thank you for covering the Monika Chiang presentation for Fashionably Petite!

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