Sunday, February 17, 2013

Noon By Noor Fall/Winter 2013

Noon By Noor Fall/Winter 2013 takes inspiration from a small island kingdom in the Arabian Gulf, and migration patterns of visiting birds to the archipelago. The op art movement influenced by Bridget Riley and Josef Albers can also be seen through Noon by Noor's prints, and is also a continuation from Pre-Fall's trompe l’oeil elements.

Looks this season include everything from wide leg pants and voluminous skirts to slim pantsuits and sophisticated jumpsuits to sultry dresses and feminine gowns. This collection is filled with bow blouses which I'm always on the lookout for, along with tailored blazers, pants and shirts in bold floral, poppy, check and op art prints. Bow blouses are worn under pinafores while cashmere knits are layered under wool coats and calfskin bomber jackets.

Throughout the collection are delicately embroidered bees on collars and hand woven scarves and Swarovski embellishments on double-faced silk and knitwear. The looks are accessorized with wool knit beanies and leather gloves. Deep red and burgundy and black create a refined gothic-chic look, while green, grey, opulent purple and navy add to an alluring palette. 


- Kim Weling

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