Friday, December 16, 2011

Jane by Design Style Challenge #1: Shopping Haul - Must-Have Items for the Season on a $50 Budget

So this week is the start of a three week fashion challenge that I am participating in, inspired by the new ABC Family's Original Series, Jane by Design, starring Erica Dasher and featuring Andie MacDowell. Jane by Design premieres Tuesday, January 3rd, at 9pm/8c. Catch a clip of the show here, which added some inspiration for the first challenge.

I received my Game Trunk* on Monday, which included a dress form and items I will need to use in order to complete all seven challenges.

For the first challenge, I had to spend a $50 gift card* on items I found to be inspiring, new and unique. I chose to focus on must-have items this season, on a $50 budget. I chose to do my shopping at Forever 21 - modern, trendy and affordable.

Here's a look at my purchases:

1) Knit skirt in royal/black, XS, $16.90
2) Feathered headband in dark brown/cream, $4.80
3) Ring in cream/gold, $2.80
4) Statement necklace in cream/gold, $14.80
5) Knit scarf in black/oatmeal, $8

Total spent: $49.29!

Whenever I go shopping, I rarely ever shop for a whole outfit, but really look for pieces that can be incorporated into my existing wardrobe. I always have to try everything on to be sure of that perfect fit, or perfect enough where I don't have to go overboard with tailoring.

I love mixing classic with trendy pieces and at Forever 21 I love mixing the Heritage collection with the vintage-inspired pieces, like romantic lace tops.

I love accessorizing, whether I'm adding a belt, earrings, ring, necklace or scarf to my look. You just have to make sure you aren't overdoing it! I definitely had fun with this challenge, love everything I picked up and look forward to Challenge #2!

Please share your own shopping haul videos and comments at and please mention Fashionably Petite!

*$50 gift card and Game Trunk provided by ABC Family

- Kim Weling


  1. No need for tailoring is heaven...who can find a good tailor nowadays anyway??