Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jane by Design Style Challenge #4: Reinventing a Holiday Sweater

For Jane by Design Style Challenge #4, I had to transform an ugly holiday sweater* into something fresh and exciting. I created a bandeau and high waisted knit boybrief! At first I thought of just creating the boybrief, which would be great to pair with a tank top to just lounge around the house in, but then I thought the bandeau would be perfect to wear over or under the tank top for an added layer.

First thing I did was reference a pair of boybriefs to create a pattern out of tissue paper. Once I had the pattern, I cut out the front and back of the boybrief, using the back of the holiday sweater. Here are the steps I took in piecing the boybrief and bandeau together:

For the boybrief:
- sewed the boybrief together by hand
- cut out the front placket with buttons and glued (with glue gun) it onto the top of the boybrief
- cut the arm opening from the sweater vest and applied it to the to leg opening
- took a seam ripper to rip the lace off off a pair of underwear and glued it onto the sides of the boybrief
- took the beads off the front of the holiday sweater and glued it onto the boybrief

For the bandeau:
- cut out the hem from the back of the holiday sweater and sewed the back of the bandeau together, creating a back center seam.
- took the hem from the holiday sweater and glued it to the bottom of the bandeau
- glued lace pieces onto the bandeau
- glued center button and beads to the top of the bandeau

This was my first transformation project, so this was the most challenging and time consuming of the challenges so far, but I am definitely happy with the final pieces! If I had more time, I would have loved to sew everything by hand, even the lace and the beads. I kept a raw finish to the bottom of the bandeau and top of the boybrief (I would have used lace instead of keeping the raw edge if I had more lace to spare).

Since I was referencing a pair of boybriefs, I didn't exactly fit the pattern and boybrief pieces on the dress form, so I had a hard time getting it to fit on the dress form.

I have to say, I did try the finished pieces on and they have quite a flattering fit! I now find myself wanting to actually buy a pair of knit boybriefs or perhaps create another pair, this time recycling an old cashmere sweater!

Have you ever reinvented an ugly holiday sweater? Share your inspired creations at https://www.facebook.com/JaneByDesign and mention that Fashionably Petite sent you!

Also, take a look at this Jane by Design clip here, which provided some additional inspiration for this challenge.

*Holiday sweater, dress form and Game Trunk provided by ABC Family

- Kim Weling

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