Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jane by Design Style Challenge #3: My Purse Pick

The Jane by Design challenges are moving quickly! For Challenge #3, I had to choose a purse in my closet that best represents me and explain why this purse conveys the very essence of who I am. I decided to go with this coral hobo bag. I actually don't even know the name of the designer - I got this bag at a sample sale for $15!

I rarely ever pay full retail price - I eye what I like and get it at 60-80% off at sample sales. Why pay full price when you don't have to? Lucky for me, when it comes to clothes, they are usually in my size at sample sales. So this bag really represents my shopping style and ethic. I also don't feel the need for everything in my closet to have a designer label. I think it's good to mix it up.

So I've gotten a ton of compliments on this bag and I love telling people how little I paid for it, and inspiring them to go on their own shopping excursion! This bag has plenty of compartments - those front zipper ones are perfect to quickly throw my phone, business cards and metro card in. I also love the versatility and functionality of this bag, being able to wear it cross-body or on the shoulder. It's also the perfect size for me.

As a blogger I am constantly running around all over NYC, always have my camera in tow, a water to stay hydrated and usually a change of shoes (some people can run around 3" or 4" heels all day but I'm not one of those people) so I need to make sure I have a bag big enough to carry everything.

In relation to my wardrobe, I tend to wear lots of black, grey and darker colors in general, so this bag provides the pop of color my outfit needs sometimes!

Which one of your purses best represents you? Share your purse pick at and mention that Fashionably Petite sent you!

Also, take a look at this Jane by Design clip here, which provided some additional inspiration for this challenge.

*Game Trunk provided by ABC Family

- Kim Weling

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