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Nicholas K / Mara Hoffman / Whitney Eve Spring/Summer 2010

For the past two seasons, one of my favorite shows has been the 3-part show successfully produced by People’s Revolution, and including two of my favorite designers Nicholas K and Mara Hoffman. This season the lineup also included Whitney Eve, designed by The City star Whitney Port.

Nicholas K
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First up was Nicholas K for Spring/Summer 2010, including loose-flowing and comfortable dresses and jackets. I really liked the jackets this season, including the packable red that is paired with the pink check dress, light grey trench over the lilac check shirt and the light grey drape jacket. Another favorite was the last look, a black/navy/dark grey dress.

Whitney Eve
Whitney Eve photos courtesy of Getty Images,

Whitney Eve’s collection consists of cute, flirty mini dresses, perfect for a night on the town. The black lace sleeve and gold dress was my favorite, followed by the gold printed jacket and black printed dress, lace leggings, silver vest and skirt, floral skirt with braided top and floral dress.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman photos courtesy of Getty Images,

Whenever I think of Mara Hoffman I think of the gorgeous print gowns that grace the runway. Unfortunately with my petite frame, I would have to chop off 1/3 of the gown. So I was happy to see so many mini dresses in her collection this season. Mara incorporates braid and net back detailing on blazers, tanks and dresses. Mara uses silk georgette and silk chiffon fabrics, on multi-color prints including violet, blue, turquoise, pink and yellow.

My favorite looks include the white cotton braid back blazer with silver lamé drape mini cloud dress, silver lamé braid front gown, White Rio braid gown, White Guatemala silk georgette corset mini dress, Blue Graph silk chiffon asymmetrical tight drape mini dress, white silk georgette mini rouched dress.

- Kim Weling

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