Saturday, September 12, 2009

Georges Chakra Spring 2010

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Georges Chakra is always one of my favorite shows to attend, with amazing chiffon cocktail dresses and gowns. Spring 2010 has a lot of color – lime apple, yellow, aqua, sky blue, pink and deep pink, along with bronze, pistachio, bronze and classic black and white.

It is all about the details and accessorizing most of the looks with a silver leather belt. Each look has different embellishments, including Swarovski crystals on straps, metallic and pearl jewelry at bust-shoulder point, bronze metal ring at shoulder, beading and stones.

Favorite looks include a short black satin drape dress with metallic and pearl jewel accessories with silver leather belt, short lime apple chiffon dress with horizontal and vertical details at front, with chiffon cape at back and satin lining, chiffon sky blue gown with bed embellishment and silver leather belt, short strapless mosaic sequined dress in white, ivory, silver and bronze shades with ivory ruffles, chiffon deep pink drape dress with embroidery and silver leather cross bands.

- Kim Weling

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