Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Essie Weingarten at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Lounge

I spent a few moments backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Lounge with nail polish innovator Essie Weingarten of essie, the authority in nail color and care.

Inspired by the 2010 E-Class vehicles, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Essie to create a limited edition nail color Capri Blue. Capri Blue is the newest addition to a few other Mercedes-Benz inspired colors - Mars Red, Safet-E, Palladium Silver, Black Series and Diamond White.

If you are looking for this color it would be very hard to come by. VIPs attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park are able to get their hands on Capri Blue, as well as the following salons - Samuel Shriqui, OC 61 and Kay Runn Hirsch.

- Kim Weling

Essie Weingarten talks about the exclusive Capri Blue, and shares nail tips

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