Saturday, December 1, 2012 foto.sosho iPhone Camera Attachment

Last week Black Eyed Peas front man informed the press that he would be launching an iPhone attachment that would boost the smart phones current 8mp resolution to a whopping 14 megapixals. The launch of the foto.sosho happened this week. We now have the first official look at how this groundbreaking and genre bending artists plans to turn the Apple iPhone into one of the more impressive cameras. 

The launch took place in London and unveiled multiple devices under his new company brand foto.sosho. The device attaches to the iPhone and comes with interchangeable lenses such as fish-eye, wide, telephoto, and standard. The device will also incorporate built in flashes for low light capabilities and a brand new software editing suite which include instagram-like filters and sharing tools. The iPhone 4 attachment will be stricken with these features while the iPhone 5 version released later on will also feature a 14MP sensor replacement. Users will also be able to connect through the website which will offer individual profiles for sharers much like the instagram website. 
A total of four foto.sosho models were announced during the press conference. They included two for the iPhone 4, and an additional two for the iPhone 5, one being a contemporary version and another being a vintage look. The names of models are the C.4, V.4, V.5, and the L.5.

The iPhone 4/4s users will be able to purchase their foto.sosho attachments starting as early as December 6 at a price around $320 and $480 respectively. The iPhone 5 attachments won't arrive until sometime next year and their prices have yet to be 

- Sam Victor

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