Monday, December 24, 2012

Last-Minute Holiday Gifting with Sabon

So there's only one more shopping day left this holiday season, but let's not forget those post-holiday gifts to get for friends and loved ones you may not see until after the holidays, and of course well-deserved gifts for yourself. For my last gifting recommendation before the holidays, I'd have to go with Sabon and their amazing bath and body products including lotions, shower gels, body scrubs, soaps and oils. I also love their packaging - just take a look at some of the images I took at the boutique. 

I must admit, I haven't been in a Sabon boutique in quite awhile since I've been pretty stocked up on products for myself, and was amazed at how much Sabon has added to their product line. With a visit to the Soho boutique for a private tour and press preview earlier this month, I was introduced to men's, mother and baby, face and hair care lines, candles and diffusers for the home as well as travel-sized products. 

The best way to choose your favorite Sabon scent is to visit a store and experience a hand treatment, by trying out one of the scrubs, followed by the creamy scrub and oil, resulting in super-soft skin. My favorite scent/product is actually the newest addition to the Sabon collection - the men's Gentleman Body Scrub, $30, which has a Patchouli Citrus scent. I found out from the boutique associates that a lot of women actually love to this scent and body scrub, which makes a great unisex gift. 

You can learn more about Sabon at and find boutique locations here.



- Kim Weling

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