Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mara Hoffman Sample Sale Shopping Haul

So I made it to the last afternoon of the Mara Hoffman sample sale, where all items were 30% off of the sample sale price for the last day of the sale. Several people were allowed into the small fitting room at once, for a total of 10 minutes. Originally I went to the sale with the intention of getting a one piece bathing suit and a dress and ended up with a few more pieces. 

I ended up getting a Lattice Bustier One Piece for $52.50 (retails for $260), although the halter straps were missing, matching sarong scarf for $35 (retails for $100), Criss Cross Dress for $63 (retails for $298), Rainbow Flag Stripe Maxi dress for $80.50 (retails for $268), and a leaf ruffle top for $38.50 (retails for $185). 

This was the first Mara Hoffman sample sale I have been to that was hosted by 260 Sample Sale and I definitely look forward to the next one! As a reference, I included the original sample sale pricing at the start of the sale. 

- Kim Weling


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