Sunday, June 18, 2017

Scent Trunk Customized Fragrances

If you love discovering new fragrances, then you'll want to try out Scent Trunk, which customizes a fragrance for you based on your unique preferences. To get started on creating your scent, a Scent Trunk Fit Kit is sent to you with a sample palette of six core scents - Citrus, Woods, Aromatic, Floral, Amber and Chypre. Once you get your kit, take the quiz at, to share which notes you enjoyed the most. After submitting your Scent Test, your preferences are sent to the lab.

Your Scent Trunk custom fragrance is then designed. A 30-day supply of your custom fragrance is shipped for $11.99/month + free shipping if you decide to opt in (you can also cancel at any time). If you end up not liking the fragrance that is sent you, a new fragrance will be formulated for you the next month, free of charge. 

For my own Scent Trunk experience, once my fragrance was created, I received an email with my tracking number to let me know my fragrance was shipped and on its way. I was excited to receive my customized fragrance, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I love my new fragrance! My fragrance came with a spray card / scent details on its herbaceous notes. My colleagues at work really liked the scent, too. I really feel like this scent is really my style. My perfumer, Sarah McCartney, UK did an amazing job!

Top Notes:
Lavender, Absinthe, Rosemary

Middle Notes:
Sandalwood, Almond, Hay

Base Notes: 
Moss, Woods

Scent Trunk makes a unique gift for yourself, friend or family member. It is also easy to share the Scent Test with a friend. 

1.5% of all Scent Trunk sales to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, because aromatherapy has been long used in many cultures as a treatment for depression. Their goal is to identify causes, improve treatments, and one day prevent and cure mental illness. 

- Kim Weling

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