Sunday, December 11, 2016

Origins RitualiTea Collection Launch

Back on September 22nd, Origins celebrated the launch of their new wholly-tea based collection, RitualiTea. Attendees enjoyed a flat-lay work shop to create beautiful designs, custom tea cocktails, tea readings at the RitualiTea House by Origins at Fort Gansevoort. 

This has been the first time in years since Origins has launched a major product line, and as a fan of the brans as long as I can remember, this was incredibly exciting!

The Origins RitualiTea Collection includes powder face masks and cleansing body masks made with antioxidant-rich teas, plus natural ingredients such as Rose, Citrus & Spices. There are four different blends: Feeling Rosy (comforting blend of Rooibos tea & Rose), Mind Over Maté (invigorating blend of Yerba Maté & Citrus), Matcha Madness (revitalizing blend of Japanese Matcha & Green Tea), Oolong-La (purifying blend of Oolong black tea & Chai spices). 

The Matcha Madness & Mind Over Maté powder face masks are for all skin types, which works best for me since I have combination skin. For the powder masks, you just mix 2 teaspoons of powder with 2 teaspoons of warm water in a bowl until its smooth and creamy, and apply and leave on for 10 minutes. 

This takes a little bit more effort and patience than I am used to, so I prefer to do this when I'm not in a rush or when I have time for a spa night at home. you can use a spatula to apply, but I prefer to use a foundation brush. Note that it is a messy process - I get tiny tea flecks on the brush and on my face, and although it doesn't bother my eye area, the mask does drip down onto my lips and under my chin. It also has a strong matcha scent especially when applied on your face so make sure you are okay with that! Make sure you use a face cloth or cotton pads to wipe off all the flecks. I follow it up with a face serum/oil and then a night cream to off set that matcha odor and to help my skin feel moisturized. I use it twice a week, and it does make my skin feel rejuvenated and smooth. 

I am also happy with the body mask, which can be used two ways - massage onto wet skin and use as an exfoliator or step away from the shower stream and leave it on for a few minutes to use it as a mask. I usually just use it as an exfoliator since I'm usually in a rush. I would definitely run the tube under warm water when you are ready to use it. Otherwise it's really hard to squeeze the body mask out of the tube. 

The RitualiTea Collection would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves both tea and skin care products. 

This was a lot of fun creating my own canvas!

I'm going to have to try these recipes at home! The perfect cozy, wintery drink - vodka + hot tea!

I couldn't get enough of these MatchBar Tea Brownies (Matcha green tea white chocolate brownies) and Beignets (buttermilk beignets with matcha tea powder). I was also hooked on MatchBar Iced Green Tea, especially the white peach and hint of honey teas. 

- Kim Weling

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