Saturday, December 24, 2016

2016 Holiday Gifts at Aveda

How excited was I when I received this holiday box from Aveda? I've been in love with Aveda products for as long as I can remember, especially the Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. 

It's already a given that I would love the Rosemary Mint Body Polish ($34) and Rosemary Mint Composition Oil. The body polish, with naturally-derived walnut shells, has that signature invigorating Rosemary Mint scent and leaves my skin feeling super soft and refreshed. 

The Rosemary Mint Composition Oil can be used a multi-purpose oil for the bath, body or scalp, with a nourishing blend of certified organic sunflower oil. 

The Candrimā Creme Cleansing Oil and Candrimā Body Moisturizer are limited-edition products for the holidays, with a comforting aroma of ginger and ginger lily. The creme cleansing oil The body moisturizer is made with organic shea butter and nourishing certified organic sesame and coconut oils. 

This holiday box was so nicely put together and thoughtful - it would be easy to create your own holiday box to send to someone. Thank you Aveda!

- Kim Weling

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