Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Caldrea Holiday Collection

Happy New Year! The holidays have come and gone, but you can still enjoy those holiday fragrances while stocking up on homekeeping products, from countertop sprays and dish soaps to hand soap, hand lotion and candle tins. Caldrea's newest holiday fragrance, Juniper Laurel Mint, joins Vanilla Quince Santal and Crimson Pear Ginger as part of the holiday collection. One of my favorite home fragrances this time of year is that fresh pine scent that Juniper Laurel Mint has, mixed with juniper, eucalyptus and Siberian Fir.

Crimson Pear Ginger is as juicy and bubbly as a light signature cocktail of citrus zest and holiday spice, with natural essential oils - mandarin, spearmint, ginger and cinnamon. Vanilla Quince Santal is a gathering of spicy vanilla, sweet fruits and warm amber. 

Caldrea's limited edition holiday collection is available at and

- Kim Weling

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