Monday, October 1, 2012

Rent the Runway Sample Sale Recap - Day 1

So I headed over to the first day of the Rent the Runway Sample Sale around 1:30pm, and was surprised that there weren't a lot of people there. There were racks and racks of size XS/0 (they have tons of racks in other sizes too), and by the time I got through it all I had a dozen dresses to try on. You are only allowed to bring 5 items at a time into the fitting room, and lucky for me there was no fitting room line or else I would have to stand in it again. There was a 'hold' rack where you could place items you needed to try on or set aside ones that you were getting. So guess what happens? I'm trying on my last two dresses and they decide to put my other dresses back on the racks! I had to spend an additional 20 minutes locating these pieces! So if you have more than 5 items, beware of setting them down! Lucky for me I found them all. Here's what I got:

- Alice Temperley Tiered Tulip Dress, $79 ($394 retail)
- Yumi Kim By the Lily Pond Dress, $48 ($248 retail)
- Yumi Kim Leon Dress, $65 ($237 retail)
- Helmut Lang Oasis Dress, $52 ($220 retail)

I definitely plan on going back to the sale, and I expect there will be markdowns later in the week. Click here for full details on the sale. Happy shopping!

- Kim Weling

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