Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chic Treats at The Bendel Snack Bar - Henri Bendel

On September 13th, Henri Bendel launched The Bendel Snack Bar, featuring carefully curated snacks and beverages, made with unique ingredients from around the world. The sweet and savory treats range from chocolate, cookies and macarons to coffees and teas. I love the modern, chic packaging and affordable pricing, with items ranging from $10-$40. The Bendel Snack Bar is the perfect place to pick up holiday gifts or treat yourself to some gourmet chocolate and candy.

I had the opportunity to sample some of the chocolates, and was immediately addicted to the Chocolicious Caramels - chocolate covered sea salt caramels ($18), Bendelicious Chips - chocolate covered potato chips ($38) and Chocolate Cheers: Prestat Truffles - champagne truffles ($30). I was also eyeing the Liquid Sea Salted Caramel Sauce. I'm going to have to go back for that and pour it over some ice cream! You can also shop some of The Bendel Snack Bar products at

Fashionable chocolates! I want this for just the packaging alone!

- Kim Weling

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