Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jimmy Crystal New York and Swarovski Elements Celebrate "Illuminated Elegance: An Evening of Fashion"

Blue night out Collection by Lene Lin

On September 27th, Jimmy Crystal New York and Swarovski Elements celebrated "Illuminated Elegance: An Evening of Fashion", with the launch of new jewelry collections by designers Lene Lin, Wendy Chen, Arielle Mason and Cassi Lin. 

Here's a look at the collections, including my favorite piece, a gorgeous multi-layered necklace from Lene Lin's Blue night out, inspired by the mystery of the night sky. 

Miracle Collection by Lene Lin

Metropolis Collection by Wendy Chen 

Tribeca Collection by Wendy Chen 

Nebula Collection by Arielle Mason

Monaco Collection by Arielle Mason 

Firefly Collection by Cassi Lin

Bonjour Collection by Cassi Lin

Ice cube Collection by Cassi Lin

 Kim Weling

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