Monday, August 3, 2009

Sephora Times Square Opening with Lauren Luke

Lauren Luke (left) during an interview

Sephora bag given to attendees on
July 30th and shoppers on July 31st
with any Sephora purchase

With the opening of a new Sephora location in Times Square (42nd at 7th Ave) on July 31st, Lauren Luke hosted a Pre-Party the night before to showcase her first make-up collection: By Lauren Luke.

When I arrived, the usual mirrors that line Sephora shops were covered with empowering words from Luke. The new Sephora followed suit with a friendly, helpful staff that smiled and complimented visitors. Lauren Luke’s goal that her make-up line would help women feel beautiful every day meshed well with the vibe of the new location. Luke’s line is composed of several palettes (violets, blues, greens, vintage glams, and smokey classics) that include shadow primers, eye shadows, lip colors, eyeliner and a blush. The palettes are wonderful because they take the guesswork out of creating looks women love to wear by supplying the perfect colors. Lauren even posted tutorials using the palettes on her site so you can feel (if possible) more confident about applying one of her looks.

During the party, there was a drawing to award two friends $500 shopping sprees each to Sephora and then another drawing was held to choose the 14 contestants for the Lauren Luke Challenge the next day, eligible to win a full set of Lauren Luke kits, a new Sony VAIO lap top and dinner with Luke and her team members.

Lauren Luke made a name for herself by posting make-up tutorials on YouTube™. So how did a make-up addict like myself find out about the British beauty-blogger? Well, I used to abuse Google images to find photos of my favorite actresses and singers from various angles so I could re-create their looks for a night out with my girlfriends. I know, it might sound a little bit crazy (& tedious) but for me, applying make-up is an enjoyment –almost as feel-good as shoe shopping, and absolutely as energizing in the morning as my two cups of coffee. One day I decided that I wanted to learn how to re-create Taylor Swift’s gorgeous eye make-up in the video for her song Teardrops On My Guitar. Google images was not cutting it this time, so I searched for the music video on YouTube™. This is when I stumbled on Lauren Luke’s video “TAYLOR SWIFT ~TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR inspired make up look”. The video was perfect for me because I could pause while I caught up, skip over simple stuff, and see the look from various angles. I tried toned down versions of the look a few times before following Lauren’s exact tips before going out one night. I was so excited when I got so many compliments! The sweet Brit’s tips were easy to follow and she (and her many fans) made me feel more confident to experiment with my make-up looks and to wear them day or night.

Next time I’m in Times Square I will definitely pick up one of Lauren Luke’s palettes… I’m thinking “My Sultry Blues”.

Don't forget the other Times Square Sephora location at Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets.

- Alyssa D'Alessandro

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