Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Designer Showcase - D. Caruso, Kaija NY, Laruicci & More!

A friend had recently invited me to a showroom gathering at The Berit Group, which I was happy to attend – I always welcome the thought of making new contacts and learning about new designers/collections that I may not be familiar with.

Lauren Ruicci, associate creative director, walked me through all the lines, with a first look at custom designed and hand-made vintage headbands, hair clips and bobby pins by D.Caruso. The headbands, encrusted with stones and crystals, will make you feel like a princess at any age. I can just picture these on the heads of brides, debutantes, prom-goers, glam trendsetters and Blair Waldorfs of the world.

I don’t think I can pull off wearing the headbands since I’d look like a little girl playing dress up, but I absolutely love the vintage bobby pins, including watch faces, roses, crystals and cameos. I may just have to start collecting these! D. Caruso is available at Kleinfeld, New York.

Check out the woven handbags by Filipino designer Khrisna Justo at www.kaijany.com. The bags are handcrafted from natural and eco-friendly materials. I especially like the Safari Collection, made with organic Buntal fiber woven with animal patterns and mixed with bright metallic leather to give it a cool sheen for a bold, adventurous look.

At left: Rjeen woven clutch

Leather Bib Necklaces by Bobae

In 2008, Numa Perrier created the label Miss. Numa, a line of couture gloves. Lace gloves add another element of sexy femininity to one’s look. The gloves are available in a variety of colors, including black, pink, red and a golden yellow. Miss. Numa is available at La Petit Coquette, New York.

As Lauren continued to lead me through different collections, I was amazed to learn that our next stop was her very own jewelry line called Laruicci, comprising of bold necklaces, bracelets and rings with an artistic edge. The chunky necklaces are dramatic but not overly done, dressing up the simplest of looks. No matter what you are wearing, I think if you have a Laruicci necklace on it would absolutely steal the show. With my petite frame, I have to be careful to not wear jewelry that is too chunky or large but Laruicci offers so many pieces that are wearable for my frame.

Luce Necklace - Rock crystal, Clear/Copper Crystal,
Metal and Chain Necklace

Megawatt Necklace - Clear Lucite, Metal,
Silver Rock Crystal, Metal and Chain Necklace

After viewing the collections I was able to enjoy a manicure with nail polish by Priti, an organic and non-toxic skin care line specializing in hands and feet. The Priti polish collection offers a wide variety of fashionable colors from pinks, reds, blues and everything else in between. Priti is available online and at Georgia, New York.

At left: Here's a look at Priti's Holiday colors.

- Kim Weling

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