Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vacationing at Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico


My favorite part of my vacation to Mexico last month was visiting Playa Escondida (meaning "Hidden Beach") in Sayulita. It was quite an adventure getting there, but well worth it. If you plan on heading to this private jungle-beach hideaway & spa, I recommend taking a taxi rather than trying to find it yourself, as there are barely any signs to guide you. Allison and I decided to walk from Playa de los Muertos and ended up getting lost in the jungle. Over an hour later, after numerous times of asking for directions, walking through a crab migration and scaling rocks in my Havaianas, we finally made it!

After starting our day off with an impromptu jungle excursion, the first thing I wanted to do was relax with a massage and facial. The spa offers massages, facials, manicures and pedicures and wax services. I opted for the spa special, which was well worth it for $99: a 60-minute relaxing and deep tissue massage and 45-minute cucumber facial, while Allison enjoyed a spa pedicure. My massage took place in the palm-thatched open air palapa cabanas, with the relaxing sound of ocean waves.  I really enjoyed the deep tissue part of the massage, with a focus on my shoulders and back. The cucumber facial was an all-natural facial consisting of cucumber, honey, yogurt, milk and wild rice. This is the type of facial you can easily create at home but I decided to try it out. After all the humidity and sun I've been taking in, my face felt cleansed, softly exfoliated, moisturized and refreshed. Thank you to Ava for an incredible 105-minute spa experience!

After our spa treatments we were ready to hit the spa water infinity pool. This pool is amazing, with chemical-free, natural saline water. I wanted to stay in here all day. At the infinity edge was gorgeous view of the beach and ocean waves. This was my favorite spot at the resort. There is also a poolside restaurant and bar as well as a jacuzzi. 

After getting some pool time in we headed down to the beach, where we enjoyed a fresh ceviche appetizer at the teak and bamboo beach bar. The waves at the beach looked rough, so we decided not to jump in the ocean and instead worked on a quick photo shoot. 

Our day at Playa Escondida went by way too quickly. This hideaway is so peaceful and relaxing, and I love how exclusive and private it is - no kids and very few people. It's the perfect getaway from everyday life. If you plan on taking a trip to Playa Escondida, I recommend spending some time in the town of Sayulita, and exploring the authentic Mexican street food and Playa de los Muertos beach nearby. There are also a ton of activities to look into, including zip lining, snorkeling, surfing and hiking through the jungle. I would definitely want to come back for another visit. The accommodations are reasonably priced, and range from $150 per night for the Golondrina up to $595 for the Luna Penthouse. The accommodations all have different features, so it's worth checking out to see which rooms would be best suited for you.

A very big thank you to Asuri for having Allison and I visit and explore Playa Escondida!

- Kim Weling

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