Friday, August 29, 2014

Impact by Jillian Michaels Activewear Collection for Kmart

Last week I previewed the Impact by Jillian Michaels performance activewear collection for Kmart, and sat down with Jillian to find out more about her Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 collections,  recommended pieces from her line to go running in, her latest DVD launches and her take on balancing diet and nutrition. 

Impact by Jillian Michaels for Kmart just launched for the fall season, with the collection broken out into four activewear categories - lifestyle, running, training and yoga. The sizes range from XS to XXL, in pops of pink, fuchsia and blue. Jillian's pieces are sure to make an 'Impact', as she's put together affordability, accessibility, performance and style into her line. In the collection you'll find tops & tanks, sports bras, shorts, hoodies and pants in silhouettes to fit different body types, as well as accessories including gym bags and water bottles. 

Jillian had mentioned prints, mesh, color blocking, matte clothing and pilates socks coming for Spring 2015, so I can't wait! In the meantime, I am going to stock up on some fall must-haves, including the shelf-bra tank top ($19.99), sports bra ($14.99), double-layered running shorts ($16.99),  since I don't even own a proper pair, capri pants ($21.99), ultimate sweatpants ($24.99), super-cute gym bag ($36.99) and a smartphone armband ($10.99), which believe it or not, as a runner I don't even have one of these but need one!

Thank you Jillian for taking the time to chat with Fashionably Petite! I am so motivated and inspired to put on your petite-friendly activewear and get started on your DVDs. Time for a One Week Shred!

Here is my full interview with Jillian

- Kim Weling


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