Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Perfect Petite Dress by Carolina Alvo - #PetiteisPowerful

When I had met Carolina Alvo at the end of last year, I was excited to hear what upcoming projects she had in the works for the petite market this year. Carolina has been creating her own fashion line for petite women, starting with her first signature piece, which has just launched on Kickstarter: the Kathleen Dress, named after an inspiring Petite venture capitalist.

Carolina calls out the main features of the Kathleen Dress, like offering two distinct hem lengths - one for those 5'1" and above, and one for those under 5'1". This LED, or "little everything dress" is perfect for wearing to work and to evening and weekend events. 

Check out the Kathleen Dress on Kickstarter here.

The anatomy of the Kathleen Dress

If half of the female population is petite, why aren't there more options out there? Kudos to Carolina for trying to make a difference in the petite market!
Source, US Census 2012

- Kim Weling

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