Monday, May 19, 2014

SK-II Product Review and Facial SKan Program

In the beginning of April during the launch of the SK-II Pop Up Studios, I received a Beauty Imaging System skin consultation and began my 4-week participation in SK-II's Facial SKan Program. For my new, personalized beauty regimen, I used the following SK-II products day and night: Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, Facial Treatment Essence, Essential Power Essence, Essential Power Cream, Facial Treatment Essence - Eye, and Facial Treatment Mask (once a week).

This was the first time I had actually adhered to a specific skincare regimen. I have always used a cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream but must admit that I did not always follow through on a nightly skincare regimen until now. I always thought I wouldn't have time for a 5-step regimen, but it literally takes just an extra 5 minutes in the morning and at night. This skincare ritual became an important step in the beginning and end to my day, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. 

My favorite SK-II product is the Facial Treatment Essence, just because it is a unique product and I have never tried anything like it. It contains over 90% pure Pitera, an exclusive extract that comes from a unique strain of yeast produced only in Japan, known for its skin-renewing properties.  Pitera is actually the key ingredient found in all of SK-II products, rich in nourishing vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. To apply it you just sprinkle a teaspoon into your hands and press gently and evenly onto the face and neck.

Another favorite is the Facial Treatment Mask, which is left on for 10-15 minutes. It is great to refrigerate and apply on cleansed, dry skin. Any excess liquid from the mask and in the packaging can be massaged into the skin or on your hands. The mask immediately hydrates the skin, especially around my nose which becomes very dry do to spring allergies. This mask will immediately have your skin glowing as if you've just gotten a spa facial. 

Now let's take a look at my initial skin scan and my results after 30 days:

Initial Skin Scan:
Overall Skin Score: 78% - 29 years old
Texture Refinement: 86% - 25 years old
Firmness Power: 81% - 31 years old
Wrinkle Resilience: 75% - 31 years old
Spot Control: 69% - 30 years old
Radiance Enhancement: 78% - 30 years old

Skin Scan after 30 Days:
Overall Skin Score: 89% - 25 years old
Texture Refinement: 67% - 32 years old
Firmness Power: 97% - 24 years old
Wrinkle Resilience: 91% - 25 years old
Spot Control: 96% - 22 years old
Radiance Enhancement: 93% - 24 years old

My scores all went up except for Texture Refinement, which could have gone down to to some skin dryness or dehydrated skin. I went from having 29 year old skin to 25 year old skin. I'm incredibly happy with my results and plan on continuing with my SK-II skincare regimen! The SK-II Pop Up Studio closes on May 23rd. I definitely want to stop in again for a final skin scan before they close. You should check it out too! You can learn about SK-II products here.

- Kim Weling

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