Friday, May 9, 2014

Glitterrings Spring 2014

Glitterrings is all about numerology, layering and stacking this spring! The Numbers Collection Numerology Necklace ($28) features a personal number derived from the day of the month you were born, giving insight into your individual character and personality. The number's unique characteristic is inscribed on the back of each number pendant. I'm an 8, with a "Strong" characteristic, so I'm authoritative, conservative, strong willed, builder and have executive ability. These necklaces can be layered by factoring in your other numerology numbers or wearing your lucky number. 

The Double the Love - Gold Necklace Bracelet Combo ($25) and Hope & Hope - Set of 2 Necklaces ($25) in script with Austrian crystals make a great gift sets and are easy to layer with. 

On The Edge Earrings ($28) is perfect for a rocker chic look, and includes a set of six stud earrings featuring a crystal cross, crystal lightening bolt and a crystal studded skull. 

Glitterrings carries an assortment of adjustable rings such as an infinity, snake or birdie ring at just $8 each individually or 5 for $25. There's also a Set of 5 Stackable Rings that includes 4 adjustable rings and 1 regular fashion ring. 

- Kim Weling

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