Friday, May 16, 2014

Satya Jewelry Sample Sale

The Satya Jewelry sample sale is going on all weekend! I stopped by during the first day of the sale to check it out. Prices are as low as $20 for rings and $25 for necklaces. I also saw a lot of necklaces priced at $45 and $65. Mala necklaces are $80 and beaded bracelets range were 4 for $100, or sold individually at $30 each. If I remember correctly, the smaller beaded bracelets were $20 each. 

I got a necklace similar to the 18K Gold Hamsa and Diamond Necklace - Clearly Blessed Necklace for $25! It looks identical to the one sold online (retails at $488) but the chain is different and marked as "16 instead of "18", and it looks like the Hamsa may be slightly smaller on my version. I also got another necklace for $25. The sale is definitely worth checking out. 

I recommend checking before going to the sale to get an idea of what you are looking for. I was in a rush and wish I had already had some pieces in mind. If you have any question as to what the symbols mean, ask them for a symbol guide to assist you while you shop. There is also an area where you can sit down and try on any pieces. I had received a guide when I had checked out. If you plan on giving any pieces as gifts, complimentary gift boxes are also available. 

- Kim Weling

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