Tuesday, April 10, 2012

L.L.Bean Signature Spring 2012

Cotton madras print shirt (Men’s) $69, seersucker high waist short $59

I never pictured myself wearing L.L.Bean, but I quickly changed my mind during the L.L.Bean Signature spring 2012 preview. L.L.Bean Signature is actually a sub-brand of L.L.Bean that first launched March 2010. The clothing is both young and fresh, with a mix of neutrals, pops of color and fun prints.

The Spring collection features poplin dresses, cotton madras shirts and seersucker high waist shorts. L.L.Bean Signature also carries petite sizes starting at 0, so you know I'm happy about that! The last thing I need are more handbags of any kind, but the medium saltwash canvas totes, quilted bag, small sport canvas and small duffle bags are the perfect size if you're petite. The nylon purse looks great around the waist too!

I do like the woven-leather pumps, coral reef/hot coral sandals and suede open-toe wedge boots, but unfortunately for me shoe sizes start at a size 6.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the Spring lookbook shoot, styled by The Glamourai.

Shop the L.L.Bean Signature collection at llbean.com/llbeansignature.

Left: Poplin stripe dress $119, nylon purse $45, suede heel sandal $169
Right: Linen modal stripe tee $59, Blue Hill rib tee $34, seersucker high waist short $59

Left: Shawl collar print cardigan $139, cotton madras check shirt (Men’s) $69, boyfriend jean short $59, Bryant sandal $169
Right: Tie neck crepe dress $129, georgette skirt $159, stacked wedge $179, canvas & leather hobo bag $129

Left: Poplin print dress $119, Downeaster sport canvas small print duffle $69, stacked wedge $179
Right: Cotton madras dress $79, Hampton pullover $79, twill button front skirt $89, suede heel sandal $169
Above lookbook images provided by L.L.Bean Signature

Here are some photos I took at the L.L.Bean Signature Spring 2012 preview

Men's collection

- Kim Weling


  1. on my computer the rafflecopter shows on the right side with only half showing

  2. Thanks for entering! The winner of the $50 L.L.Bean Signature gc is @rtutera via Twitter

  3. OOh! I love LL Bean. Thanks for the tip that they carry petite sizes now. I have been looking for XS in my store...

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