Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing SEPHORA Fragrance Flight Bar: Experience Scent Like Never Before

Sephora invites you to a unique event experience, a one-of-a-kind fragrance lesson to transform how you think about fragrance at the fragrance flight bar. These capsule events are based on Sephora's pioneering Sensorium(tm) fragrance experience in New York City, produced in partnership with global fragrance powerhouse Firmenich, which allowed shoppers to sample scents categorized by "impressions" instead of traditional fragrance notes.

Similar to a wine tasting, you'll be able to sit at a table in front of scents classified by one of four impressions, Addictive, Playful, Casual or Chic. Each scent is unlabeled and presented in stem-less wine glasses, allowing you to experience how each fragrance makes them feel, without branding or preconceived notions.

You will be able to try any or all the impressions stations at your leisure. Once the Fragrance Flight Bar journey is complete a Sephora fragrance expert is on hand to reveal their preferences and can provide additional information about the scents, help select products, or provide samples for the client to further assess after wearing them on their skin. A scented guide book is also provided as a take away to continue the fragrance education, based on the four impressions.

Sephora's Fragrance Flight Bars will be available for three weekends only:
* April 28th and 29th
* May 5th and 6th
* May 12th and 13th

Sephora Times Square (New York, NY)
Sephora Powell Street (San Francisco, CA)
Sephora Soho (New York, NY)
Sephora Santa Monica (Santa Monica, CA)
Sephora 5th Avenue (New York, NY)
Sephora Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA)
Sephora 34th Street (New York, NY)
Sephora South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA)
Sephora Union Square (New York, NY)
Sephora Prudential Center (Boston, MA)
Sephora 86th and Lexington (New York, NY)
Sephora Aventura (Aventura, FL)
Sephora 711 Lexington (New York, NY)
Sephora Ala Moana (Honolulu, HI)
Sephora Roosevelt Field (Garden City, NY)

A permanent fragrance flight bar will be opening in a New York City SEPHORA this June.

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  1. Sephora stole the idea!