Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sony Ready to Compete with Apple on New Televisions

Sony, after another treacherous quarter of financial setbacks, announced that it needed to completely revamp its struggling television-based business. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO Howard Stringer is quoted as saying that Sony is now focused on "a different kind of TV set." He did not get into specifics on what he was referring to, whether it be Google TV or a new technology that Sony itself is advancing but he did add that Sony was looking at the "really well organized" beauty of Apple and its iPhone products.

He also said that after a five-year development period to compete with Steve Jobs and Apple, Sony is now finally ready to launch. This of course all hinges on Sony's ability to pull together all aspects of its technology business and its four screens (phones, tablets, PCs and TVs) and incorporate it together with a network service that can be offered on all platforms. We will keep you posted as this unfolds, I myself am highly interested.

- Sam Victor

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