Sunday, November 27, 2011

32° Weatherproof® Apt. 32 Boutique Launch Featuring 32° Heat Line

Metallic Puffer jacket

On November 10th, I attended the SoHo opening of Apt. 32, the 32° Weatherproof® flagship boutique at 345 West Broadway. This is the first 32° Weatherproof® standalone store, featuring outerwear and sportswear from their 32° Heat line, which helps the wearer retain body heat.

My favorite piece is the Metallic Puffer - a belted, fitted down jacket with an oversized pillow collar, affordably priced at $118. Definitely a great gift for this holiday season! Another great jacket is the Featherweight Down lightweight packable. The palette this season includes red, orange, white, grey and beige.

I recently participated in the Rugged Maniac Obstacle Course in Brooklyn and wore the 32° Heat long sleeve scoop neck in red. This tee definitely lived up to its features - heat generation, stretch comfort, quick dry, heat retention, anti-odor and anti-static capabilities. I think I'm going to have to add the long sleeve turtleneck and leggings to my wardrobe!

I'll definitely be visiting Apt. 32 again soon! The boutique has such a warm and inviting feel, welcoming shoppers to sit back and relax on the couch and catch up, just as if you were in a friend's apartment! Thank you to Samantha for the tour of the space and product line!

Learn more about 32° Weatherproof® at

32° Heat Long Sleeve Scoop Neck

Lightweight Packable jacket

- Kim Weling

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