Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Minute Pink Products for Breast Cancer Awareness

Here are some last minute pink products in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Rebecca Taylor Cami for the Cure nude eyelash-trim ruffle blouse - 50% of the proceeds will go directly to TNBC, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, which is dedicated to researching this aggressive form of breast cancer. $235.

Amy + Own Handbags - Inspired by Traci, a fellow "Handbag Hound" and childhood buddy list to breast cancer, designer Amy Chernoff has created a line of vintage-styled handbags. All Amy + Owen handbags are lined in pink in Traci's honor and $10 from each sale of cosmetic clutches benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. $24

Left: Pink Raw Silk
Right: Gray Italian Wool

Presents for Purpose specializes in stylish and meaningful apparel, jewelry, accessories and gifts. 10% of the sale price will benefit the charity of your choice, including Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization and GOPiNK. If your charity is not listed, you can always type in your preferred charity. Click here to view the Think Pink products.

Presents for Purpose Pink Heart and Ribbon beaded coin purses, $22

Presents for Purpose Pink Pashmina, $18

- Kim Weling


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