Friday, April 8, 2011

The Village Voice's Fourth Annual "Choice Eats" Tasting Event

Lena Latin Grill: Ceviche (Roccotto Pepper, Red Onion, Lemon Juice, Cilantro, and Fried Corn) and Sweet Corn Arepas with Cheese / Beer Pairing: Sierra Pale Ale

The Village Voice's Fourth Annual "Choice Eats" tasting event took place on March 29th at the 69th Armory on Lexington Avenue.

Guests enjoyed samplings from almost 70 restaurants and 20 beverage participants.

New to this year's sold out event was "Choice Streets", a food truck station outside the Armory entrance featuring a sampling from top New York City food trucks, including Korilla BBQ, Joyride, Wafels & Dinges, The Taim Mobile and Kimchi Taco.

In case attendees weren't stuffed enough, during the last hour there was a "Choice Sweets To Go" dessert sampling on the way out, in the front lobby.

Here are some of my favorite dishes that I sampled. I had always heard that there are so many amazing restaurants in Brooklyn and now I was actually able to experience it for myself. Most of my favorites during the event are from Brooklyn restaurants!

My favorite drink of the night was EFFEN Cucumber Vodka mixed with soda water. You can also mix it with tonic or ginger ale. It is so light and refreshing!

Coney Island Taste, Brooklyn, NY: Ceviche Mixto, Papa Ala Huancaina, Choros Ala Chalaca, Chaufa De Mariscos, Tamales, Causa Rellena and Chicha Morada / Beer Pairing: Lagunitas Pils

Ovelia Psistaria Bar: Greek Coffee Skirt Steak, Ovelia Sausage and an Assortment of Feta Spreads, Plain, Caramelized Onion Roasted Garlic

Café Glechik, Brooklyn, NY: Homemade Sausage, Vareniki with Sour Cherries, Veal Liver Pate, Eggplant Salad, and Napoleon Cake / Beer Pairing: Flying Dog Old Scratch

Towards the last half of the event, VIP guests were able to attend an exclusive "Choice Sweets VIP" dessert sampling.

Del Posto, Chocolate & Olive Oil Bastoncino (Gelato Lollipop)

The Blue Stove, Brooklyn, NY: Homemade Pies

Bee Desserts: Handmade Chocolate, Almond, Liqueur Honey

Cakes and Marshmallow Cake - no sugar and 100% honey

Fatty Crab

This was my first time at The Village Voice's "Choice Eats" and it was incredible! If you plan on going next year, I suggest you get your tickets early (tickets sold out five weeks before the event!). General Admission this year was only $45 and the VIP ticket was $80. The tastings were well worth the ticket price! Definitely try to be there for the full 3 hour event - there is a lot of food to sample and you need all the time to pace yourself and get through all the restaurant participants.

- Kim Weling

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