Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spa Week Media Party Spring 2011

The Spa Week Media Party kicked off on April 6th at the Prince George Ballroom. Members of the media celebrated the upcoming week of $50 spa treatments by indulging in complimentary services, food and drinks as they checked out the newest Spa Week sponsors.

Food Sponsor Dole showcased their Real Fruit Bites snack flavors with an oxygen bar including Pineapple, Mango and Apple.

CAREFREE, Title Sponsor for Spa Week this year, hosted a CAREFREE Refresh Lounge, offering a Signature Spa Week Misting Lounge. Guests got to choose between a face or hand misting massage, incorporating an essential oil of their choice.

Cosmetic Sponsor Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics helped attendees find their perfectly matched foundation and gifted them their customized foundation, primer and brush.

Attendees got polish-ready with Spa Martier

Carol's Daughter - The Hand & Foot Spa welcomed attendees with hand exfoliation treatments

At Skincare Sponsor clariSEA, attendees mixed and customized their own salt scrubs to take home.

I couldn't stay that long but I was able to squeeze in a hand massage from Spa Chicks On The Go and a massage from Supple Spa before I had to head out. I found out that Supple Spa actually caters to couples massages. Good to know! Or you can go to the spa with a friend and treat yourselves to a much-needed facial.

Of course attendees wouldn't dare leave without the anticipated Spa Week gift bag, filled with amazing goodies such as slippers, nail polish, teeth whitening kits and shampoo and conditioner - everything you need to create your own spa-at-home experience. There are always some new interesting products to try out!

Spa Week is quickly winding down! Did you get your $50 treatment? You still have time to book that last-minute appointment! Go to If you find that your choice treatment is all booked up, be sure to ask if they will extend the $50 treatment for you - I have found that several spas accommodate this!

- Kim Weling

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