Friday, April 29, 2011

LeSportsac's New Artist in Residence - Jeremyville for Spring/Summer 2011

LeSportsac welcomes Jeremyville as the new Artist in Residence for Spring/Summer 2011. The theme created for LeSportsac is titled "Inspirations". There are three themes in the collection:

  • Jeremyville NYC, including street names, iconic architecture and signage, with particular inspiration from The Lower East Side.

  • Bondi Beach Sketchbook, which is based on scenes from Bondi Beach, where Jeremyville grew up as a kid.

  • Tomorrow Forest, an imaginary world taken from jeremyville's sketchbooks, populated with furry creatures, engmatic bird people and smiling mushroom creatures.

My favorite character is the Magic Bunny, the furry muse of Jeremyville and mascot of the "Inspirations" theme. Within the Jeremyville collection you'll find cosmetic bags, snack sacs, totes, hobos, crossbody bags, backpacks, duffles and messenger bags, but my favorites include the two pieces that focus on the Magic Bunny - Bunny Tote, $98 and Bunny Pouch, $15.

Above Photos by Michael Alexander, cliQny

The Cupcake Wonderland scenes are also a favorite of mine!

Photo by fashionably petite

Photo by fashionably petite

- Kim Weling

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