Sunday, October 4, 2009

Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler Collection Launch

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Malibu Candle

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On September 30th, I attended Jonathan Adler’s Barbie Collection launch at his Soho boutique. Adler, who designed the real life Malibu dream house for Barbie’s 50th birthday, has taken it a step further to offer Barbie themed merchandise for avid collectors.

Guests were able to purchase their Jonathan Adler Barbie and get them signed by Adler himself. The Jonathan Adler Barbie ($49.95) comes with miniature versions of real Jonathan Adler pieces including an end table, lamp, vases and lacquer tray and silhouette mirror. Also included in the collection is the pink Lampert sofa with white trim ($49.95), mirror ($295), needlepoint pillow ($165), lacquer trays ($150-225), coin purses ($38), plates ($78-98), canisters ($28-120) and various bath accessories from tumblers to soap dishes and tissue boxes ($18-48). I absolutely love the Malibu candle ($38), which has scents of the beach. Along with mini cupcakes and sweets, there were white, black and pink t-strap, pump and platform Barbie shoes scattered on the tables for guests to take home. My nieces absolutely loved the Barbie shoes I brought them!

You can get these fabulous, chic pieces at Jonathan’s store at 47 Greene Street or at

- Kim Weling

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